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The advice and insights found in here cover a great range of subjects from lists of the best franchises is certain industries, to success tips from veteran franchisees, to specific advice about steps in the franchise start up process. You’ll also find a great deal of advice on marketing and sales from franchise specialists in various industries.

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So You Want Me To Buy From You?

In business we are not selling “things” we are solving problems. If you solve the problem, customers will continue to come to you to buy what you are selling.

Understanding ‘Net Worth’ and Unencumbered Capital’

If you take all the things that you own (your assets) and subtract all the money you owe to third parties (your liabilities), you are left with your net worth.

So You Want To Make A Profit

The goal for both the franchisor and the franchisee is to turn the franchise location into a profitable one.

How To Set Up A Successful Home Office

Home offices can be a challenge but if you have the discipline to do it, there is no better place on earth to work!

Franchise Training Methods Matter

Training in a franchise system is the key means of imparting the franchised business concept to franchisees.

Due Diligence: Finding Employees to Staff Your Franchise

Recruiting employees for your franchise is just one of the many tasks that a new franchisee must tackle.

Did You Know that there is a Special Program for Franchise Buyers?

The federal government has a loan program under the Canada Small Business Financing Program, (CSBFP) for new and existing small businesses.

The Duty of Good Faith - What Does It Mean?

The duty of good faith requires contracting parties to act honestly, fairly, with proper motives, and not arbitrarily, capriciously or in a manner that is inconsistent with the reasonable expectations of the parties.

Commit To Being A Life Long Learner

It is a great feeling of accomplishment when we have mastered our subject matter and can be considered true experts in our field.

Franchise Class Proceedings and Arbitration

Arbitration clauses and arbitration agreements in franchising require detailed knowledge of arbitration law and procedure.

Dealing with Default Clauses – For Franchise Tenants

Default clauses fall into two general categories: material defaults and non-material defaults.

Fran Discusses Choosing a Food Franchise

Helping a foodie choose which Canadian food franchise is right for her is no easy task but Fran takes on the challenge.

Doing Research on a Franchise Opportunity

Talking to existing franchisees in the system gives you a different perspective of the organization and the business.

So you Want to Buy a Franchise…

The more research and analysis you, the better informed a decision you will be able to make.

Networking is Key to Your Success

Always ensure that you follow the brand standards set out by your franchisor or head office.

Fran Talks About How to Minimize Risk When Buying a Franchise

Fran helps a corporate veteran choose a franchise that meets his low-risk appetite by choosing it based on his strengths and other guidance.

Leading From The Front Lines

To truly lead from the front lines means that we strive every day to bring the best of ourselves to the table so our businesses can best support the community and the people.

Fran Talks About Low Investment Franchise Opportunities

Fran guides an older professional through the necessary steps to find a low-investment franchise opportunity that will fit her strengths and budget.

Who Takes Control of the Lease in a Franchise Relationship?

Determining where to place a franchised unit is one of the most important decisions that needs to get made before a franchised business is opened to the public.

Volume Rebates Franchisee Class Action

Ontario Superior Court dealt with an issue of a franchisor sharing rebates and providing ongoing disclosure of rebates.

Franchising versus Licensing

Franchising and licensing are two forms of business development models where a party, either a franchisor or a licensor, grants to a third party the rights to use its intellectual property within a specified territory with the brand’s rules and regulations.

How to Find a Franchise that Suits You

There are many great franchises available but it is important to choose ones that fits your specific tastes, strengths, needs, and most importantly goals.

Leveraging Peer Groups In Franchising

A franchisor can be helpful by spearheading the initiative, assisting in establishing groups and providing elements of successful peer-group mentoring programs.

Power to the People

Empowered employees take pride and ownership in their jobs when they know they are encouraged and supported.

The Rapid Growth in Residential Maid Service Business

With a little research and homework you will be able to feel confident and secure about the person or team you are inviting into your abode.

The Location You Lease is MORE Important than which Franchise You Buy

It is critically important that you establish and manage your expectations of the Franchisor regarding your business location and your lease terms

Incorporating Considerations for Franchisees

Incorporating can be a valuable tool for a new franchisee but before taking the step of incorporating consult your legal and accounting expert.

Responsibilities Under The Wishart Act

The Ontario Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (“Wishart Act”) governs franchising and franchising relationships in Ontario.

If It Ain’t Broke Do You Have To Fix It?

There is a reason why customers have brand loyalty. There is a certain expectation, and if you change your brand, you risk losing that loyalty.

Buying a Franchise? Use a Franchise Lawyer

The franchisor will certainly have an experienced franchise lawyer on its side from the beginning; shouldn’t you?

Never Too Late to Reinforce Best Practices

The franchise community has the ability to return to its roots and demonstrate its willingness to change and still offer a significant business opportunity to thousands of people.

Three Things Every Franchisee Must Understand

You are about to invest a significant amount of your time, money and effort into a business. You owe it to yourself to ensure that you fully understand what you are actually buying

Crime Insurance & Risk Management

Losing a customer today due to the inconvenience of an insurance claim, doesn’t mean they will come back tomorrow. Prevention will help your business flourish and keep your insurance costs manageable.

3 Crucial Topics for New Manager Development

Managers who “get” the big picture will always stand out because they direct their teams in alignment with the needs of the business.

Pros and Cons of Franchising

As with any business model, the franchise industry has its pros and cons, both of which should be taken into consideration before you proceed in making an investment into starting your own franchise location

What is the Best Way to Rebrand a Franchise?

The ideal time to roll out a new “look” is during a period of mass (franchise agreement) renewals. At the time of renewal franchisees are obligated to invest additional capital to refresh their stores to the current brand image

Collaborative Communication

Steve Whiteside broke communication down into 3 levels for a better way to label and understand how communication can work between the Franchisee and Franchisor. He calls it the Tri-Communication Theory.

What does it take to be Successful in Business?

If you are looking to get into business for yourself, remember what it takes to be successful in business- CUSTOMERS. Whether with a franchise, or as an independent, create a customer driven culture and your business will be on its way to success! Looking to start your own business? Learn about the traits you need to have to be successful business in Canada.

Parking Pitfalls for Franchise Tenants

Do you have enough parking space for your customers, you and your staff? It’s a common problem The Lease Coach sees with both new and established franchise tenants. Read about some factors to consider.

Due Diligence: Multi-brand Franchising

Talk with the franchise owner about what opportunities are available that are a good fit for you. Keep in mind that taking on the responsibility of a new franchise brand will likely require the same commitment of time, money, passion that you put into building up your initial franchise.

The Difference Between Master Franchising and Area Development Agreements

While both a Master Franchise (MFA) and an Area Development (ADA) Agreement deal with the development of multiple units, the mechanism of growth, the schedule and the responsibilities of the Master Franchisee (MF) or Area Developer (AD) will vary greatly.

The difference between starting a new franchise versus an established one

The wise approach is take stalk of yourself first, assess your tolerance for risk, determine what franchise industries you find most fitting, then investigate those franchise opportunities.

Look For Franchises That Fit Your Personality

Your brand lives in customers’ minds, so when identifying the franchise brands that you may be interested in, developing make sure consumers’ beliefs and perceptions of the brand are accurate and in line with how you want t be perceived and thought of. When people are aware of your brand, they understand what you stand for.

Franchise Arbitration

Franchisors and franchisees are concerned about the significant costs and delays associated with traditional court litigation should consider arbitration as a means of resolving their disputes.

Franchise Fees, Costs and Royalty Charges

To start a franchise, you have standard initial costs and further ongoing costs. You need to pay first the set up fee. This is sometimes referred to as the initial franchise fee.

Dealing with Deposits for Franchise Tenants

Supplying a deposit to a commercial landlord is one thing; getting it back is another matter entirely!

What It Takes To Build Long-Term Vision

Having a clear sense of direction, well-defined expectations and a focus on the future is something every potential new franchise business owner should have in place prior to making any short- or long-term decisions.

The TOP 5 Questions you Need to Ask before Hiring a Consultant

As every franchise business grows it reaches a point where outside expertise is required. In order to assist you in selecting the right consultant for your needs ask yourself these Top 5 Questions:

Steps To Take Once You’ve Chosen a Franchise

Once you decide on the franchise opportunity you would like to start there are many steps you need to take before the grand opening.

Alternatives To Litigation In Franchise Disputes

Arbitration and mediation are both creative alternative methods to resolve disputes that can often be quicker, cheaper, and more flexible than regular Court process.

What’s Your Vision…are you looking at the right franchise?

When looking at a franchise compare their vision, mission and strategy to yours. Look beyond the franchise materials and projections and ask questions to find the right franchise opportunity for you.

The Importance of Payroll in a Franchised Business

If you’re looking to save time, money and payroll headaches, hiring a payroll company is a wise alternative. Let them do the payroll work for you while you take care of growing your franchise business.

Franchisors-Isn’t it Time to Develop Quebec?

The franchise brands that have come to Quebec have seen higher ticket averages, outstanding consumer loyalty, and more business from referrals. With Quebec’s population being a whopping 1/3rd of the entire Canadian population, the price of entry pales in comparison to the rewards.

Top 5 Reasons to Form (or Join) a Franchise Association

Top 5 Reasons for why you should be part of a franchise association of like-minded franchisees.

What you need to know about Disclosure Documents

All Disclosure Documents are similar in content; however, US Disclosure Documents are typically more comprehensive than Canadian Disclosure Documents in specific sections.

How To Manage Your Work Life Balance

Managing your work-life balance is all about setting boundaries and rules. You’ll be able to tackle your responsibilities as a franchisee with more focus and avoid long term burn out.

Understanding the Franchise Model

Making the decision to join a franchise system starts with a fundamental understanding of the business model.due diligence and understanding early on can go a long way.

How The Lease Coach Can Negotiate for The Best Rental Rate Possible

Considering that the average franchisee tenant stays in the same location for at least ten years, it’s easy to calculate mathematically the total rent that you may pay to the landlord over that time period.

Considering the Road to becoming an Entrepreneur?

You stack the probability of success in your favor with a recognized brand, buying power and a proven business model. Having the programs, systems and tools to be successful will not give you guarantees, but sure go a long way in providing comfort and minimizing the risks.

How to Get Your Franchise Involved with the Community

Supporting the community will improve your franchise image, and ultimately draw in more business. Getting involved in your local community can have many positive impacts on your franchise. Here are a few ideas how your franchise brand can get involved.

Advice from School is Easy Tutoring Franchisor Susan Cumberland

Susan Cumberland, School Is Easy Tutoring Franchisor, shares what she learned in her five years as a franchisor. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’ve learned so much and I will continue to learn every day.

The Mutual Investigation Process

Franchisors have different recruitment philosophies and strategies which are usually a reflection of their respective positions in the marketplace.good franchisors don’t ‘sell’ franchises, rather they ‘select’ franchisees that in their opinion have the greatest chance of succeeding in their franchise system.

Why Due Diligence Is So Important

As a potential Franchisee, your due diligence job is to find a great franchise investment, provide for your family and grow your business.

Trends in Consumer Home Service Franchises

Residential cleaning franchise services offer the greatest degree of professionalism in a consumer service and have advanced the overall industry image to command billions of dollars of revenue nationally.

What is a Franchisor’s Associate and Why Should a Franchisor Care?

Most franchisors now appreciate that Ontario’s franchise legislation, the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, SO 2000, (the "Wishart Act"), requires a franchisor to provide a franchisee with proper disclosure document before that franchisee buys a franchise.

Franchisee Tenants – Dealing with Commercial Lease Deposits

If you are planning to buy a franchise chances are you will soon be dealing with a lease deposit. What most franchise tenants don’t realize is that a lease deposit is not legally mandatory. In fact, the lease deposit is totally negotiable.

How Can I Know How Much Money I am Going to Make?

Being in business for yourself is a lot of hard work. Start the hard work before you open your business by doing your due diligence to make sure that you are making a fully informed decision. Look at all the expenses carefully and validate each one where possible.

Iconic Canadian Franchise Tim Hortons Purchased by Burger King: The Great Inversion

It is a revelation to most international franchisors to discover that corporate tax rates in Canada are at, or most likely below, the levels they encounter in their home countries. for franchisors, Canada is also one of the most desirable destinations in the world to help boost the bottom line for any franchisor.

Franchise Supply Chain Consistency- Approved Suppliers & Rebates

One of the biggest advantages of franchising is the ability to purchase inventory and supplies at a discounted rate based on the volume of purchases placed by all the franchisees in the system.

Home Based Franchises Opportunities - Find a Business Opportunity that Works

Franchises are no long just for fast food or gas stations - they have expanded into your home so why don't you own a home-based franchise and avoid that daily commute.

Is Franchising Right For Me?

Making the decision to join a franchise system or start your own business requires careful consideration. No matter which option you chose, if you are prepared and have done your due diligence, you can approach the opportunity with confidence.

Franchise Management Training is Crucial for New Managers

Pro-active development of the new manager requires systematic steps to ensure his or her success – and that of the franchised location. Whether the franchisor develops a management training program or this is left up to franchisees, there are core skills that most first time managers need to develop that are not simply absorbed by having worked in jobs leading up to the new position

Screening Executives & Franchise Background Checks

Due diligence encompasses many forms for a prospective franchisee. From calling existing franchisees, researching financial viability, to reviewing the agreement and disclosure documents.

Franchises and Leasing Commercial Space

Where you set up your shop can play a major impact in the ultimate success
or failure of your business. Therefore, it is very important that you don’t rush the site selection process and get professional help.

Women Are Fast Becoming A Force In The Canadian Franchise Sector.

Some franchises that have been started by and are run by women provide a great opportunity for those looking to join this growing sector. CIBC's study concluded that most women-owned businesses are sole proprietorships, a common factor in many franchise operations

Baby Boomers are Flocking to Franchising, and here is why...

Record number of Canadians have launched their own business in the past two years with one third of these new business owners in the 50-plus age range. Boomers, with many years of experience working in a certain field or operating a business of their own, aren’t ready to retire just yet. The prospect of launching a new business is attractive.

How Culture Trumps Strategy Each And Every Time.

Heritage and culture is so rich that it completely trumps franchise strategy. Connecting emotionally in communities franchisees understand that waking up in the morning to do important work is not just about making money.

Common Pitfalls of Franchise Disclosure Documents in Canada

The consequences of failing to comply with the Act’s disclosure requirements can be devastating. The best way to avoid common disclosure pitfalls is to ensure that your disclosure document is prepared by an experienced franchise lawyer.

Buying A Franchise Is Not Turn-Key

Buying a franchise is not turn-key and a franchise investment will need focus and attention prior to opening. Take time and spend money to ensure your investment has the best chance of success.

Holding Companies – Is it for me?

The structures commonly use are with an “Operating Company” (Opco), and a “Holding Company”(Holdco). By paying dividends out and passing the earnings to your Holdco, you are deferring tax until you take it out of the company one day.

Giving New Franchisees the Head Start They Need

The brand is the kernel of a successful franchise and the training program is essential to bring a new employee into a company and getting them up to speed in their role.

Franchise Due Diligence in Canada: Signs of a Good Franchisor

A good place to start is the disclosure document and attached agreements. Agreements that are clearly “home grown” may indicate that the franchisor has not taken the time or incurred the expense of employing an expert in franchise law to ensure that its documents confirm to the minimum requirements. T

Home-based franchises: The future of franchising?

A franchise is a business that operates under an existing set of quality controls and standards to expand company territory and market share. In the case of home-based franchising, the franchisees operate from home under the franchisor’s name in another location.

Lease Considerations for Franchisees | Franchising in Canada

While the franchisor often selects the site, the franchisee is typically required to accept the choice, but bear the risk of doing so. Where the franchisee selects the site, they must often negotiate (or accept) a complex lease or sublease.

The Evolving Status of Franchise Ownership in Canada

Absentee ownership is a very modern and very attractive, franchise model to address the needs of this new and growing generation of prospects.

BEWARE - Release & Waiver Clause in Franchise Agreements May Be Void

Franchisees can rest easy that any clause in a franchise agreement waiving or releasing their rights or a franchisor`s obligations under franchise legislation, directly or indirectly, will be declared void and unenforceable by a court.

Is Social Media Part of Your Duplicatable Franchise System?

The time is now to start delivering superior online customer service…for every customer of every franchise. The time is now to realize that social media is not going away; it’s only becoming more important.

What Does CASL Mean to You?

Under CASL, it is prohibited to send, or cause or permit to be sent, to an electronic address a CEM, unless the person to whom the message is sent has consented to receiving it; and the message complies with certain prescribed requirements.

Write a Winning Job Description for Your Franchise

A winning job description can help you put the right person in the right job which could make the difference between a franchise that succeeds and one that fails. are some tips to help you write a winning job description to attract the top talent for your franchise.

New Canadian Trade-Mark Laws Affect Franchise Businesses

One of the best ways to establish your rights to your brand is to register a trade-mark for your name, logo or other distinguishing feature. A trade-mark is a distinctive image that identifies a business, product or service.

Heads up: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) takes effect on July 1st

As of July 1, 2014 due to( CASL) legislation coming in effect almost all unsolicited commercial electronic messages (CEMs), requires intended recipients of CEMs to provide express consent to the receipt of those messages.

Franchises can use Digital Marketing to Drive and Grow their Business

Managing your own digital marketing program has become significantly easier as the available technologies have progressed. With tools like a content management systems (CMS), which allows anyone to update web content, and marketing automation tools (MA), which make designing and executing email campaigns easier, you actually have a host of tools to effectively manage your own digital marketing programs.

Tips When to Buy a Franchised Business

Know what you are entitled to during the purchase process. Franchise law is complex, and differs in each province and territory in Canada. The following are a few tips that ought to be considered when buying a franchised business.

Training Execution in Franchising: Problems and Solutions

Areas to examine training should range from the communication to franchisees and their teams regarding training requirements, to areas that may suggest refinement or revamp of training is advised.

Why it’s Important to Follow the Rules

The beauty of the franchise system is that you have all the benefits of being a business owner, but you will be using a system that has already proven successful.

Have You Considered a RE-Franchising Opportunity?

A re-franchise opportunity may be a great way to get into a successful and proven location. No matter which option you chose, if you are prepared and have done your “due diligence,” you can approach the opportunity with confidence

Americans don’t understand Canadians – that’s a fact

Bringing a franchise to the U.S. seems relatively easy but it is still a foreign expansion just as launching in Brazil would be! So, before considering that expansion, you have to plan for this market and these are key items to consider.

Insuring Your Franchise Business!

Having the correct limits of insurance could save your financial life. Speak to your insurance broker and read your policy to know what you are covered for

Researching Franchisees During Due Diligence

Take the time to contact as many Franchisees as needed to get an accurate picture of the franchise system.

Evaluating Building Types for Franchise Tenants

As a franchise tenant, you should know that not all buildings or properties are created equally. Each property has unique aspects that you must factor in. Because the perfect property or site only exists in a fantasy, the challenge for the franchisee is to lease a space with the most advantageous set of criteria possible.

Understanding Franchise Agreements

The franchise agreement outlines the way your business will work within your franchise system. It gives both you, the franchisee, and your franchisor a clear understanding of the terms of your business relationship.

The Hitch-Hikers Guide to Brand Value

Every Brand needs the larger story so the community of people following it can get on-board in an emotional way. To have loyalty you need on-going rituals to deepen the attachment people have to the Brand. a customer can visualize your Brand fitting into their persona, the emotional connection is forever forged.

Protections For Franchisees Under Manitoba Law

When Manitoba passed The Franchises Act (the "Act") on October 1, 2012, potential purchasers of franchises in Manitoba were afforded some significant new protections in the form of a requirement imposed upon franchisors to provide a franchise disclosure document to all prospective franchisees.

Why Your Franchise Needs a System-wide Social Media Strategy

Both to protect your brand and to support your franchisees, you need a franchise-wide system in place that provides guidelines and guidance that will help your franchisees leverage social media successfully.

Franchise, Franchisor and Franchisee

A franchisee buys a franchise sometimes from the franchisor and sometimes from another franchisee. Find out who is the franchisor, the franchisee and the franchise.

How Can I Work Better with My Franchisor?

Four important point of effective franchise relationships are: Expectations versus Perceptions of the Franchisor and Franchisee, Collaborative Communication, Communication Barriers, and Trust and its Effect on Franchisee/Franchisor Relationships.

Unique Challenges of Franchise Marketing in the Digital Age

All franchises offer franchisees brand recognition and access to corporate marketing content so that each owner does not have to reinvent the core marketing messages that drive the business. At the same time, every franchisee has an opportunity to grow their own local market based on their knowledge of the unique characteristics of the local community. As a franchise owner, you have the responsibility to provide marketing content and the infrastructure to support your franchisees and grow the overarching business. Simple, right?

Leasing Considerations for Franchisors and Franchisees

For most Canadian Franchises the location of its franchised businesses is key and can make or break a franchisee opportunity.

How To Grow Franchise Catering Sales

No business can advance without clear leadership, financial accountability and a vision for future growth. Therefore, franchisees must work with their franchisors to implement a scalable restaurant catering business focused on growing incremental sales.

Building First Time Manager Talent

Training checklists for the franchisee to use with prospective and new managers as well as a bibliography of books that address customer service and coaching employees. These tools should be introduced to new franchisees when they come through their own training and appropriate attention should be put on their use.

The Franchise is Over Now What...Learn about options after Franchising in Canada

When the franchise ends what can a franchisee do? Can they use the expertise, experience and relationships they gained?

You Can’t Do That – The Ins and Outs of Non-Competition Clauses

“Restrictive Covenants” is a fancy term meaning “promises that restrict or limit activities”.

Moving Your Franchise Brand Into New Markets

It is no secret that Franchising is about selling more franchises as a way to increase the distribution of your distinct brand offerings.

Franchise Tenants – Yes, You Can Negotiate a Great Commercial Lease

If you have never negotiated a commercial lease before, chances are you won’t find this process easy or enjoyable.

Beware the Accidental Franchisor

Just because you’ll just call the agreement a “Licensing Agreement”, doesn't mean you'll be dodging the whole issue about whether to franchise or not.

Consultation on Franchise System Changes: a Two-Way Street

When implementing system-wide modifications – franchisors are often advised to engage & consult with their franchisees.

Considering Adding e-Commerce Functionality to your Website.

Franchisors often ask us for advice concerning adding e-commerce functionality to their website.

Three Options To Getting Started In Business

It is important to consider the different options for opening a business and each option's advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a Franchise

If you are looking into the prospect of buying a franchise, you will need to consider several factors in order to ensure that you choose to invest in the perfect business for your needs.

How Your Previous Experience Can Make You a Better Franchisee.

The success of the franchise business model is predicated upon the fact that purchasers do not have to have any previous industry experience qualify.


There is always a lot of buzz at this time of year regarding getting your taxes filed on time. Should I try to do it myself? Should a buy a do-it-yourself tax program? Should I hire someone to do it for me

Understanding and Negotiating Rental Rates – For Franchise Tenants

Understanding the Importance of the Rent. It should be no surprise that rent can be one of your major expenses, if not the largest.

Franchises Are Missing Out on the Benefits of Social Media

It seems that even in today’s digital age, the large majority of franchises have not prioritized developing a franchise-wide social media communication plan. Given the fact that 91% of consumers make purchasing decisions that are influenced by online experiences, this is quite surprising. It’s even more surprising when you consider that 78% of social media users actually purchase from brands they follow online.

Who Needs Responsive Web Design?

In the present era of Digital Marketing, there is a multitude of inbound marketing strategies that one can take a pick from. But every business today is cognizant of the first basic thumb rule of online marketing.

What Can Franchisees Look For When Hiring Employees

Finding and keeping those people of value is an entrepreneur’s most important role, however, it can be difficult to build the right team, particularly if you’re growing rapidly. Recruiters can be effective but also costly at the same time, and posting an ad online may get you an inbox full of resumes you really don’t have time to read.

How Should I Grow My Franchise?

The goal of most franchise systems is to expand the business beyond a single unit. There are different ways of setting up a franchise system to achieve this goal.

Drive Profits with a Loyalty Program

A well designed loyalty program can dramatically drive sales and increase bottom line results. Many studies have shown that businesses with a program retain their customers for longer making more money on them without the expense of advertising making them lower cost customers than new ones to whom a business must market to in order to generate first time trial.

4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Franchise System Manuals

The chief frustration of many franchisors is the fact that after the first review, many franchisees don’t consult the manuals

5 Franchises For Moms

It might seem like you’ll never have the time to start a business. The beauty of franchising is that the ground work is already laid for you.

Why Buy a Franchise?

When you buy a franchise, many questions are already answered for you. Someone has already taken the risk and succeeded. They have done the research, built the name, spent the sleepless nights working on it. They have put out a lot of their own funds to get this business built up to the point that it is a success and they believe it will be a success in many other locations as well.

Buying Into a Franchise Requires Careful Thought

Buying a franchise is a good way to get your start. Before taking the plunge, there are some steps you should follow.

Disclosure: When Is Enough Enough?

Enough information is to be provided in order to allow a prospective franchisee to make an informed decision. Legislation is an attempt to balance the scales...

Saving Time with the Administration in Small Business

Technology isn't the only answer on how are you going to gain the necessary knowledge to ensure accurate, consistent and complete records are maintained.

Supply Chain: How does your franchise stack up?

A analysis of your supply chain will certainly reveal improvements which can increase the profitability of your network.

Franchising Trends for 2014

Have you become discouraged by the frustrating routine of reporting to work every day only to do something you dislike?

Development Arrangements in Franchising

Typically, a development arrangement involves the opening of those franchised units within a set geographical area. The issues around development arrangements can be complicated and prior to entering into an agreement to develop multiple unit franchises, both the developer and the franchisor need to carefully consider a number of important issues.

Merry Marketing: The Holidays and Social Media

‘Tis the season for celebration and merriment, and for the most part people are on social media to do just that. They’re posting pictures of Christmas trees, exchanging online greeting cards and sharing in the joys of the season with friends and family near and far.

Social Media and the Changing Face of the Franchising Business

Running a business today is not what it used to be. Social media has changed things dramatically, and in order to succeed a company has to make the most of the available tools. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintererst, YouTube, Instagram...

Don’t Promote If You’re Not Prepared

As a business owner, you may have the best intentions but if you can’t execute your plan….don’t bother.

What No One Ever Tells Tenants about Leasing Commercial Space

As a franchisee and tenant, you may already have some preconceived notions about commercial leasing.

National Accounts – Growing Trend in Franchising

Over the last decade or so, one of the growing trends in franchising has been how franchisors address issues with “large” or “national account” customers.

How to detect and prevent fraud in your franchise system

Franchisors charge royalties based on sales and dishonest franchisees will use different tactics to reduce the amount they pay.

Benefits of a Franchise vs an Independent

One of the first things a person may consider when deciding to go into business for themselves is whether or not to buy into a franchise.

Creating a Cost Effective Lead Generating Strategy

Solid yet affordable lead generation is a vital part of any franchise development.

The Key Obligations of Franchisors and Franchisees

The exact responsibilities of franchisees and franchisors may vary slightly but key obligations are common in most agreements.

Franchise Tenants Have an Advantage When it Comes to Leasing Retail Space

When it comes to negotiating your commercial lease or lease renewal, remember the franchise advantage.

What Do You Know About Franchise Agreements and Renewals?

For most people the answer to that question is 'not much'! Many people have little to no experience reading legal documents.

What Does a Resale Franchise Involve?

One entrepreneur's exit strategy can be another's profitable investment. Is a resale business a challenge that excites you?

The Latest on Franchise Law in Canada

Five Canadian provinces have franchise legislation in place, with a sixth expected to enact franchise law in 2014.

How To Grow Your Franchise

Everyone wants to see their franchise grow into a mega brand, but achieving that goal is easier said than done.

What to Do Before You Invest In a Franchise

People approach me asking what they need to do before purchasing a franchise. Over the years I've developed a checklist.

What are the chances of franchise success?

Running a franchise means you have follow a proven business model. Some many say it’s following “the rules” but in reality there are “rules” to ensure success. The truth is you have a much higher chance of success with a franchise than you do with starting your own business.

Three Great Burger Joints to Invest In

When most people think burger franchise the first thing that pops into your head is the well established franchises like McDonalds and Burger King. In Canada there is more smaller yet impressive fast food franchises that you should consider.

How to Finance a Franchise

You’ve done your due diligence research and have narrowed it down one franchise that you want to buy. Now you need to come up with the investment money to get started.

How a Franchise Lawyer can Help When Getting into the Business

Chris Riddell explains why a legal representative could make it easier for you to decide what franchise you want to buy.

5 Tips For Contacting Prospective Franchisees

The leads are flowing in but you’re not sure you are making the most of them. Here are some best practices our successful franchise clients swear by...

Understanding Your Franchise Agreement

Once you've done your basic investigations into the franchise, it's time to start picking through the agreement with a fine-toothed comb.

6 Advantages of a Home Based Franchise

If you’re getting into franchising, there are a number of proven home-based businesses offering great opportunities.

The Personality of a Franchisee

Just like how not everyone is cut out to be a professional hockey player, not everyone has what it takes to be a great franchisee.

Top Franchise Trends for 2013

The business has changed in many ways, and over 2013 we’re seeing a number of things become more prevalent among franchise businesses.

What to Look for in a Franchise Training Program

A successful franchise depends on consistency across all locations. The only way they can achieve this consistency is through in-depth training programs.

Top 5 Franchise Growth Markets

Franchising is an excellent way to start a successful business, but how do we decide what industry to get into?

Learn New Tricks to Bring In Repeat Customers

Many business owners choose franchises because the marketing efforts of the franchiser provide a boost that trickles down to each local branch.

Microfranchise Does Not Necessarily Mean Microliability

Microfranchises are generally described as those that require only a small investment or very little equipment, and very often do not even require a store front.

Get the 411 on Ontario's Arthur Wishart Act

If you’re in the market for a franchise business in Ontario you should know about the Arthur Wishart Act.

Introduction to Inventory

New franchisees quickly discover that one of their major expenses is inventory. The word, inventory refers to all materials and goods used by a business for daily operations.

An Introduction to Franchise Advisory Councils

Franchise Advisory Councils (FACs) are typically small groups of franchisees chosen to represent all of the franchisees within a single franchise system.

How Can a Franchise Consultant Help You?

With thousands of franchise opportunities out there, finding the right one for you might seem like an overwhelming task.

Going the Extra Mile with Ongoing Training

Franchises tend to provide most new franchisees with plenty of upfront training. The goal is to ensure that the business gets off the ground and takes off with a successful start.

Operation Manuals

Everything of importance about a franchise is listed in these documents and works as a guideline to ensure consistency and communication from one franchisee to another.

Initial Training: Getting Your Canadian Franchise Off on the Right Foot

Rob Lancit explains why the effectiveness of the initial training is often a predictor for how well a new franchisee will do when it comes time to open.

How Advertising Fees Benefit a New or Current Franchise Owner

When it comes to a franchise, the franchiser often handles the main bulk of the advertising and requires each franchisee to pay a certain amount of money to help cover these expenses.

Royalties: The Right to Use a Franchiser's Trademark

The franchiser usually collects a set amount of money in order to allow that franchisee to take advantage of the brand name, the trademark and even the operating system.

Franchise Basics: What are Disclosure Documents?

Franchise Disclosure Documents (known as FDDs) are crucial to purchasing a franchise. Learn why they are important and what they include.

Franchise Financing for Young Entrepreneurs

Are you a young entrepreneur, aged 18 – 39, ready to start your own business? If so, the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is your ‘go to’ resource and we can help you bring a business idea to life!

Franchise Business Deposits: Why They're Necessary

Deposits are the reality check of a new Canadian franchisee's dream; they can make or break a potentially lucrative Canadian franchise business deal.

Franchise Business Fees: What Exactly Are You Paying For?

You may be wondering why Canadian franchise business fees can be so expensive & what exactly are you paying for. We break down the If you're interested in purchasing a franchise, you're probably already aware of the type of investment you'll need to make. You may be wondering, however, why franc

What Exactly is a Franchise and How Does it Work?

Many people pursue the idea of owning a franchise without being exactly sure of what it entails.

Franchisees Can Benefit from a Canada Small Business Loan

In today's economic climate finding adequate financing for a new franchise can be challenging.

Franchisee Motivation: Why Do People Make the Leap?

Being the boss is both exciting and scary and with that weight, it's easy to wonder why a person would decide to become a franchisee.

Top Canadian Franchises of 2013

A cross-reference of the reported top franchises of 2013 with the listings so it's easy to know which franchises are expanding in Canada.

The Marketing Treadmill…you need to exercise consistently

Over the years I have come to realize that marketing a business is like trying to keep in shape. You need to be consistent, focused and for results, you have to stick with it.

Franchise Non-Competition Clauses: Are They Valid? What You Need To Know!

Francois Alepin lays out a definitive guide for the non-competition clause in your contract: Where you find the clause, the validity of the clause and how you can use it to your advantage.

King of Clean: 5 Franchises That Clean and Organize

There are a number of options for a organization or cleaning franchise in Canada. Compare the costs and earning potential for each opportunity to find the perfect brand for your new business.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: 5 Franchises for People That Love Homes

If you love homes and other residential properties, you can find a franchise that allows you to love every day of work.

A Franchise That Will Keep You Fit: 5 Health & Wellness Franchises

Fitness franchises have rapidly become a multi-billion dollar industry and savvy investors are snapping up prime fitness franchise locations as soon as they become available.

Advertise Your Franchise: Avenues You Need To Start Thinking About

With the advent of the Internet, it's not just as simple as placing an ad in your local newspaper or buying advertising space on a billboard or television.

Rise & Shine: 5 Franchises Sure to Get Your Morning Started Right

5 Franchises Sure to Get Your Morning Started Right. If you've ever considered investing in a coffee franchise, consider this: coffee franchises are booming.

To Use a Franchise Broker or Not?

The topic of using Franchise Brokers is one of the most controversial in the franchise lead generation. Franchise Brokerage Networks now account for about 10% of all franchise sales.

Franchise Essentials for SEO: Content Strategies

Search engine optimization is the 21st century's version of "location, location, location." If no one can find you on the web, your franchise will suffer.

A New Leash On Life: Four Pet Franchises

Canada has the second largest pet franchise industry in the world. It delivers $100 billion in revenue every year and grows annually.

Proud To Be Canadian - Established Canadian Franchises

5 Home Grown Franchises. If you're looking for franchise opportunities in Canada, consider a Canadian franchise with an established presence in the community.

Franchise Tenants … Beware of Landlords with 13-Inch Rulers!

Some landlords are over-charging franchisees for more square footage than the tenant actually has. Are you paying too much?

Show Me The Money: 5 Franchises for 50k or less

One key consideration for potential franchisees is cost. You'll find many low cost franchise opportunities for under 51k.

Customer loyalty is key…look no further than your own back door.

As a franchisee, getting and retaining customers is crucial. Customer loyalty is probably the most important marketing program you could and should invest in.

The Value of Meetings and Conventions in a Franchise Organization

The value that is created in bringing franchisees together, whether for a regional meeting or an annual convention, should not be underestimated.

6 Pizza Franchises Sure to Make Your Mouth Water

Here are six different pizza franchises that work hard to keep busy families together for lunch and dinner, ensuring a steady flow of customers.

The Latest Canadian Franchise Trends in 2012

As Canada recovers from the recession, mid to high level executives displaced by corporate downsizing have looked to the franchise industry as an alternative to reentering the corporate world.

Around the World: 5 Internationally Flavoured Franchises

5 Internationally Flavoured Franchises. Potential franchise owners can benefit from any one these unique opportunities to expand the palates of their communities.

Don`t Break The Bank - 5 Businesses for $10k or less

With word of high initial start up costs, royalties and fees, potential franchisees are often in the market for a low cost franchise.

Top 10 Qualities of Successful Franchisees

Strong franchisors know the qualities of successful franchisees and will watch and interview for them as they recruit new franchisees into the system.

Planning to Lease Commercial Space?

If you are planning to rent a space for your franchise, you will want to prepare yourself for lease negotiations with a commercial landlord.

What is the ideal length of a franchise agreement?

The establishment of the ideal term of a franchise contract will be the result of the goals of the franchisor, which will become clear during his discussion of this question with his lawyers.

Broker – Friend or Foe?

One woman called me after recently purchasing a franchise and explained that her franchisor had offered to do her site selection and real estate work for an extra $3,500.00.

Operations Manuals – Are They That Important?

One of the hallmarks of good franchise systems is that they have invested significant time and money in the development of standard operating procedures and policies.

What will your franchise advertising fund cover?

Most franchisors in Canada require their franchisees to make ongoing expenditures with respect to local and/or national advertising.

Where is Starbucks in the Coffee Franchise Industry?

A very common question we receive at is “How do I buy into a Starbucks Franchise?”. We are here to set the record straight and to offer up some alternatives…

How Service is Used to Promote and Maintain a Franchises Image

Whether you are looking to run a restaurant, a cleaning service, in-home health care or a mobile pet grooming franchise, service is a word that is thrown around a lot.

What's a Good Franchise?

While what is a good franchise will differ between individuals, there are some common characteristics of good franchise systems.

Granting Exclusive Territory Rights in Franchise Agreements

Determining an exclusive territory is one of the most important questions for a franchisor to consider and a franchisee to consider negotiating.

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way

When was the last time you personally thanked someone for giving you their business? Can you think of the last time someone thanked you?

10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Future Landlord

If you are planning to rent a space for your franchise, you will want to prepare yourself for lease negotiations with a commercial landlord. One of the most important steps you can take is to ask plenty of questions.

Understanding the Cost of Buying a Franchise

One of the most commonly asked questions by someone who is acquiring a franchise is: how much will it cost? The answer to this question depends to a great extent on whether you are acquiring an existing franchise or the right to operate a new franchise.

Loving The Brand You Buy

A good starting place is to ask yourself: What franchise brands are you currently a customer of? Of these businesses, which ones do you continue to buy from and why?

Franchise Tenants - Does Your Landlord Owe You Money?

In leasing, tenants don't get what they deserve ... they get what they negotiate!

Who Will You Be Working For?

Franchise owners don’t work for themselves…they work for their customers. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling…be it food, equipment or a consulting service; the best products aren’t sold….they’re bought.

The Advantages of Owning a Hotel Franchise

Every year there are a number of people who visit our site that are interested in hotel franchise ownership. Some have taken the plunge while others remain on the fence.

Research to do BEFORE purchasing a franchise

There are a number of ways that a prospective franchisee can and should investigate a franchise opportunity before acquiring a franchise.

A Franchisee Association: What is it? - Advantages & Disadvantages

As the name indicates, an association of franchisees is, for all practical purposes, a grouping of franchisees.

Is a Seniors Home Care Franchise Right For You?

If you love working with others and crave a career where you can make a real difference, then a senior care franchise might be the right option for you.

Certain Elements To Be Considered By A Franchise Expanding to Quebec

Certain hesitant franchisors often perceive that the province of Quebec is a difficult market to conquer or even penetrate.

Conflict Avoidance and Resolution in the Franchise Industry

As with all relationships, most conflict avoidance and resolution can be achieved by beginning with and maintaining good communication between all parties.

Financing a Franchise in Canada

When you begin looking into the purchasing of a franchise, you’ll be making a commitment, both in time and capital. However, hard working entrepreneurs need not be limited by their personal wealth.

What You Need to Know About Buying a Home & Garden Franchise

Customers that require the services of a home and garden franchise generally will require repeated maintenance of their home and/or property.

5 Tips for Researching Canadian Franchise Opportunities

There are so many franchise opportunities out there, it can be overwhelming. What information do you need to make a wise decision?

Is A Work From Home Based Franchise Right For You?

More people across Canada are working from home. This business model is the perfect choice for many people; but is a home based business franchise the right choice for you?

Top Canadian Franchises in 2011

Despite the economic downturn of the last couple years, franchising in Canada has remained a dominating force. If you’ve ever thought of getting into business for yourself, franchising remains the safest way to do so. A great place to start your search is with Canada’s top performing franchises for 2011.

Intro to Franchising - Franchise Tutorial |

Franchising is a business relationship where a franchisor (a company or individual who owns the franchise system) grants a license to a franchisee (a company or person who contracts to use the franchise system) the right to use the franchisors brand and operating system.

What are Franchise Disclosure Documents?

The ability to chart your own course appeals to many, but there are drawbacks if you do not take the time to investigate what it is you are getting into.

What support do franchisors provide?

When deciding what franchise to invest in, many prospective business owners want to know what kind of support they can expect from their franchisor.

Franchising and Social Media

As you prepare to dive into the world of franchises in Canada, one big area to explore is advertising and specifically the new social medias.

Open a Franchise in Your Town

Have you have ever eaten at Harvey's while on vacation and wondered why there aren't any near you? You could be the one who puts a Harvey's in your town!

To Buy or Not To Buy a Franchise

Many would-be entrepreneurs find themselves torn between creating a unique company and becoming a franchisee of a recognized brand.

What will be my Return on Investment

Franchisors often get asked questions from people interested in a franchise such as “What will be my Return on Investment"? or “How much money can I make"?

Franchising and the Canadian Economy

According to the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) in April 2011, there are 78,000 franchises in Canada, and the number is still growing across all market sectors. The Canadian economy has remained strong throughout

Seven Questions You Must Ask Your Franchisor Before Leasing Commercial Space

Will the franchisor sign the Head Lease and sublet the space to the franchisee – or will it be the franchisee alone who signs the lease?


Some aspiring entrepreneurs may believe that franchising a business is an easy decision. If you had some success with your first store, you may think that franchising is the next logical step

What To Look For When Buying A Franchise

When buying a franchise there are lots of things to be considered. Some more obvious than others. When looking for your perfect franchise, some of that

Want to be your own boss?

Thinking of a franchise or business opportunity may sound appealing, especially if you have limited resources or business experience. However, you could

The Benefits of Buying A Franchise Business

Franchise is a good business model that lets you tap in the resources of a successful business. All you need is to meet the requirements of your franchisor

How To Evaluate A Franchise Opportunity

There are now franchise opportunities that operate in almost every type of business category that you can imagine. They are available in most price brackets....

Starting a New Business

Starting a new business that is a franchise has all the steps and concerns that any new business has, plus some that are particular to franchises. Once the decision has been made to seek a franchise


Your path to franchising must begin with research to determine which franchise is really right for you. Your search will start wider, of the franchise marketplace generally, and then narrow down to a particular industry.

What to consider as a Canadian dealing with a U.S. franchisor.

At a franchise convention I attended in Quebec in May, I spoke to a colleague who practices franchise law in the United States. It’s very normal for Canadian franchise lawyers to attend franchise conventions in the U.S., but it’s not that usual to see American franchise lawyers attending one up here.

Franchise Opportunities For The over 50 Entrepreneur

Since there are so many franchise opportunities out there it can be difficult to evaluate them all and decide on the best one for you, especially if you are over the age of 50. Fortunately, there are plenty of franchise opportunities for the 50 plus entrepreneur.

The ins and outs of leasing

Whether you're negotiating a lease or a sublease for a new business, there are dozens of issues that can come back to bite you if you don't do them correctly


To determine whether purchasing a franchise is right for you, you should consider your own personal experience and the time you are willing to invest.

Franchised businesses are never supposed to fail.

That's why doing your homework before you “buy” is so important, so the prospective franchisee can avoid disastrous mistakes and the agony of defeat.

Want to buy a franchise? Read this first

If you're considering “buying” a franchised business in Canada and you live in Ontario, Alberta or PEI (and soon, New Brunswick), consider yourself lucky because they have specific legislation that protects franchisees.

Are You Thinking About a Franchise?

How often have you thumbed through a franchise magazine or online directory and noticed a franchise opportunity advertisement, and felt you'd really like to get in on that...if only you had the money?

A Look At The Franchise Business Model

The term "Franchising" refers to a business model that's been around since the mid-1800's when the manufacturers of the Singer sewing machine first dreamed it up as a way to expand the distribution of their products.

Am I a Good Franchise Candidate?

With the knowledge that most new businesses are likely to fail within the first few years, it makes sense to consider a franchise, as the success rate is far greater.

Home Based Business Opportunities FAQ's

There are lots of reasons that people grow weary of their job. Burnout is a common thing in the workplace due to stressful work environments, office politics, the daily commute, and the grind of worry about what other people think is important.

Are You Franchise Material?

As with any other organization, franchisors need to look for certain characteristics in applicants to determine if he is indeed right for the job.

How Much Will it Cost to Open a Franchise?

How much does a franchise cost? Of course the cost of obtaining and starting a franchise depends on several variables.

Advantages of Franchising

Franchising is by far one of the most popular business expansion systems in the world today.

Franchise Overload

Going into the franchise business might be a very good idea for you as it is one of the popular methods of doing business today

Franchises - So many to choose

Going into the franchise business might be a very good idea for you as it is one of the popular methods of doing business today but when you do a search of the available franchise opportunities

Check the Pedigree!

Today, more and more people are choosing to become self-employed or, alternatively, buy a franchised business. It’s a major shift in your life.

Why Buy a Business Instead of Starting One?

The term “entrepreneur” was initially used to describe an individual who created a business venture. More recently, the term has been applied to any business owner.

What does it take to be successful in business?

The entire purpose of business is to attract and keep customers. It should become the focus of everything you do. Look at mission statements of most successful organizations, and there is a focus on the customer. Successful organizations create a customer-focused culture.

How To Assess Your Financial Comfort Level

Before you commence your search for a business, it is a helpful to have an idea of what you can afford. This prevents you from wasting your time pursuing businesses, which are beyond your means.

Negotiating a Mid-term Rent Reduction for Your Lease

If your business was at the end of its lease term there would be hope for a rent reduction on the lease renewal. Unfortunately, many franchise tenants find themselves in trouble somewhere mid-term into a five or 10-year lease agreement.

How Can You Find a Good Franchise Business?

In many ways, it’s easier to select a family pet than it is a franchise business. With a pet, if it’s a thoroughbred, you can check its papers for lineage, bloodlines, etc. The breed will be known for its personality and mannerisms.

Tips on Buying a Franchise in Canada

A franchise is essentially a licence to operate the franchisor’s business system and trademark according to the franchisor’s standards for between five and twenty years, depending on the franchise agreement.

How can I know how much money I am going to make?

Many franchisors in North America are reluctant to provide earning claims in their disclosure documents. In the United States projections have been in the past such a cause for franchisees to take legal action (when they did not achieve projections)....

Understand Financial Statements

There is a perception that financial statements are complex and can only be interpreted by professional accountants. On the contrary, once you become familiar with the terminology used, you will have an appreciation for the valuable information they contain.

More Canadians finding future in Franchising.

Franchising is a system for expanding a business and distributing goods and services.


Go into your business search with an open mind as to what type of business you are looking for as there is a good chance that you will end up buying a type of business that does something you never imagined when you started the process.

Get in on the Ground Floor!

Get in on the Ground Floor! “It’s a great opportunity to grow with our business!” And so it may be.

Sources of Financing

The source of financing depends in part on the size of the business being purchased. The majority of smaller and medium sized businesses are purchased with a significant portion of the purchase price financed by the owner.

In Franchising, Your Life is the Key!

Before you choose your new franchise business, the ingredient to consider is YOU!

How Much Money Can I Make

Without a doubt, this is one of the questions most asked by individuals looking at buying a business – franchise or otherwise. The other, of course, is "How much will it cost? – What must I invest?"

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur and it is better to find out sooner rather than later if that is the case. Many people romanticize about going into business and believe they could run so much if they were running the show.

Choosing the Right Lease Term (Length)

This is one of those subjects that cause a lot of lightbulbs to go on in the minds of tenants attending my seminars. Perhaps it’s because a five or ten-year lease Term has become such a norm in commercial real estate leasing.

How to Purchase a Franchise

Make your decision to buy the franchise based on business logic. While emotions, pride, etc., are involved - don’t make your selection decision on emotion.

Questions that Need to be Asked

When one is looking at a franchise it is important that one do the research so that they know what they are getting into. A little homework at the beginning will avoid surprises down the road...

Do You Have the Necessary Qualities to Succeed as a Franchisee?

Before you spend a lot of time reviewing various franchise concepts to find the one that is right for you, you need to ask yourself if you are right for franchising.

Successful Site Selection

The number one reason for business failure or negative performance is a poor location. A poor location ultimately results from poor site selection.

How to create a business plan for a franchise?

It’s every individuals dream to be successful, but very few ever get there….why you may ask? Well the answer is quite simple, lack of planning.

How to locate the right lawyer for your franchised business?

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to franchise your business or an existing franchisor , you will inevitably require the assistance of a lawyer.

Do you make the Leap?

We in the franchising field are of a special ilk. We are in operating business like restaurants, dry cleaners, and video stores but operate inside a specialty designed business model called “franchising”.

Creative Developments in Franchising:

The term “Franchising” as generally understood, describes a very specific and defined business model. Over the past few years this standard definition has been modified and re-defined sometimes, beyond recognition.

Franchise Development: What are you developing?

It’s often puzzling when consultants like myself use regular dictionary words to describe what we do. Take the word “development” for example.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy a Franchise

Although there are more than ten good reasons to invest in a franchise opportunity, your decision to go into business has a lot to do with lifestyle and financial benefits.

A Brief Intro to Canadian Franchise Laws & Legal Issues

For those looking to invest in a Canadian franchise opportunity, the process and legalities are quite similar to those in the United States.

Franchise Documents: The Legal Landmine-Some Safety Tips

For most the scariest part of buying a franchise is signing on the dotted line. And why not, it is a major investment and the documents put before you are not written in your language, but rather legalese...

Innovations in Small Business Financing: A New Kid on the Block?

Small business today generally refers to businesses generating under $3 million in annual sales. That’s not so small to most people.

Can I be of Service???

This issue is dedicated to franchises in the service industry. It’s a timely issue as this segment of the franchise industry has seen the greatest growth over the past few years.

Buying a Franchise-What Should You Know?

When buying a Franchise, you buy a lot more than the bricks and mortar and the inventory that stocks the shelves.

Franchising 101 or Now that I am on this site-now what?

Franchising is a specialized business model that allows thousands of individuals each year to fulfill their dream of owning a business.


Peter is the only lawyer in Ontario outside of Toronto recognized in L'Expert, the leading Canadian legal peer review journal, as an expert in franchise and distribution law.


The rate at which businesses must successfully navigate change, sometimes at a fundamental level, is increasingly rapid.