Canadian Spotlight Franchise Interviews

A Spotlight on the Canadian Franchise Business Experience

Determining whether any new business venture is right for you, takes time. One of the best ways to research a franchise opportunity is to listen to the experiences of other franchise business owners; people who were once in exactly the same position as you.

Today's successful franchise owners are people just like you - people who started out looking for a new career, a change in direction or even a total switch in lifestyle - and decided they could achieve their goals through a franchise opportunity. Each followed a proven franchise system to achieve business success.

From stay at home parents looking for income, to semi-retired people seeking a way to flex their years of experience and skills, to all the vast array of individuals in between - our Canadian spotlight franchises feature people from all walks of life. You'll hear from real, approachable and down to earth franchisees that were looking for something better and had to start somewhere, just like you. These are spotlight franchise owners who used their vast diversity of talent and experience to find a franchise for sale that suited them, and who then took the first step in owning and running their own franchise business.

And of course, finding the right Canadian franchise for sale is where franchising success really happens; there are hundreds of franchise opportunities to suit all business experience, backgrounds, interests and ambitions. Be The Boss is here to help you find your perfect franchise opportunity. Take a look through these spotlight franchises today and prepare to be inspired by people like you who once took the first step to creating their own business success. Find out how they did it, read franchise mentoring tips, and discover how you can also make your franchise dreams become a reality. See also, our section on featured franchise opportunities.

Previous Canadian Franchise Spotlights

Good Feet  Cindy Meltesen

Good Feet Franchisee - Cindy Meltesen  

Cindy Meltesen is Good Feet's Franchisee in Minneapolis MN. Learn more about Cindy's experience with this franchise....

Chachis Franchisee Ronnie Olstad

Chachi's Fast Food Franchisee-Ronnie Olstad  

Chachi's Franchisee, Ronnie Olstad talks about his experience with the Chachi's franchise opportunity. ...

Xhandre Beukes | The Lunch Lady Franchisee

The Lunch Lady Franchisee - Xhandre Beukes  

The Lunch Lady Franchisee - Xhandré Beukes discusses why she chose this franchise opportunity. ...


Spray-Net Franchisee - Tommy Tremblay  

Tommy Tremblay will soon have a second Spray-Net franchise covering the southern sector of Quebec City. ...

Kumon Franchisee – Audree McIvor

Kumon Math & Reading Centres Franchisee – Audree McIvor  

Kumon Math & Reading Centres Franchisee – Audree McIvor explains why she chose the franchise system. ...

Messy Maid Franchisee, Kimberley Fowlow

Messy Maid Franchisee - Kimberley Fowlow  

Kimberley Fowlow who is the Managing Director of Messy Maid franchise is an excellent representative for the brand. ...

EmbroidMe Promotional Product Franchise |Franchisees Darrell and Tina Derkson

EmbroidMe Franchisees, Darrell and Tina Derksen  

Darrell and Tina Derksen, owners of EmbroidMe La Crete have raised the bar for EmbroidMe franchises everywhere....

Wayne and Ellen Brown, Gotcha Covered Franchisees

Gotcha Covered Franchisees – Wayne and Ellen Brown  

Gotcha Covered Franchisees, Wayne and Ellen Brown discuss why they chose this franchise opportunity. ...

Tommy Guns Franchisee, Heather Frayn

Tommy Gun's Franchisee - Heather Frayn  

Heather Frayn is Tommy Gun's Franchisee in Okotoks, Alberta. Learn more about Heather's experience with this franchise....

Brenda Alderdice Franchisee Downsizing Diva

Downsizing Diva Franchisee - Brenda Alderdice  

The Diva brand has given me the opportunity to start my own business without all the start-up costs: branding creativity, printing literature, web design, technical set up...

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