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The Canadian Franchise Business Experience

Determining whether a new business venture is right for you, takes time. One of the best ways to research your prospective venture is to listen to the experiences of other business people, who were once in exactly the same position as you.

Today's successful franchise owners are people just like you — people who started out looking for a new career, a change in direction or even a total switch in lifestyle — and decided they could achieve their goals through franchising. Each followed the franchise system to achieve success. From stay at home parents looking for income, to semi-retired people seeking a way to flex their years of experience and skills, and all the vast array of individuals in between — our franchisee spotlights feature people from all walks of life. You'll hear from real, approachable and down to earth people who started just like you — looking for something better. People who used their vast diversity of talent and experience to find a franchise that suited them, and who then took the first step in owning and running their own business.

And of course, finding the right franchise for the individual is where franchising success really happens; there are hundreds of opportunities to suit all interests, backgrounds, interests and ambitions. BeTheBoss is here to help you find your perfect franchise fit — look through the spotlights today and prepare to be inspired by people like you who took the first step to creating their own success. Find out how they did it and how you can also make your dreams into reality.

Brian Schroeder, Mister Transmission Franchisee

Mister Transmission Franchisee - Brian Schroeder  

Brian Schroeder is a Mister Transmission Franchisee in Waterloo, Ontario. Learn more about Brian's experience with this franchise....

Ken Kapur Roche Financial Group Franchisee

Roche Financial Group Franchise Business Owner - Ken Kapur  

Get a look inside the Roche Financial Group's franchise system with a current franchise business owner's perspective....

Brian Tracy Franchisee Zamon King

Brian Tracy International Licensee – Zamon Kingi  

If you are a consultant who’s wanting to captain your own ship? If you desire more credibility and status, join Brian Tracy....

Aussie  Franchise Opportunity for Franchisee Jean-Guy and Chris

Aussie Pet Mobile Franchisees – Jean-Guy Lemay & Chris Puls  

Jean-Guy Lemay and Chris Puls from Grande Prairie, AB, launched the first Aussie Pet Mobile franchise in Alberta in May 2014....

Right at Home Franchisee - Dani DePetrillo

Right at Home Franchise Business Owner - Dani DePetrillo  

If you’re considering any role within a Right at Home business, it doesn’t take long to discover it’s more than an average job....

Premier Homecare Kingston Franchisees - Sharon and David Cowan

Premier Homecare Franchisees - Sharon and David Cowan  

Having looked at a number of varied businesses with Sharon’s Nursing background and David’s financial and sales backgrounds’ they were driven to looking at in-home care companies....

Puroclean Franchisee - Deven Raval | Franchise Opportunity in Canada

Puroclean Franchisee - Deven Raval  

After 20+ years in the Telecom business, Deven Raval began his journey to find a franchise, Deven knew what he was looking for... Puroclean...

BodyBrite Franchise Opportunity - Interview with Stephanie Hopkins

BodyBrite Franchisee — Stephanie Hopkins  

Stehpanie Hopkins opened BodyBrite’s first franchise in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2013. Baton Rouge team plans to open two more BodyBrite centres in the next few years. ...

Mary Browns Franchise Opportunity - Interview with Stephanie Carfagnini

Mary Brown's Franchisee - Stephanie Carfagnini  

Stephanie Carfagnini who is not only the proud Franchisee of the Wellington store in Barrie Ontario but also the Franchisee of the 100th Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters! ...

Innovative Fitness Franchise Opportunity - Interview with Kris Shjedderup

Innovative Fitness Franchisee - Kris Schjelderup  

Innovative Fitness Franchsiee Kris Schjelderup has won the Franchise and Business of the Year Award Winner from the Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce....

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