The BeTheBoss Designations

BeTheBoss is recognizing the professionalism of those in franchising that hold themselves in the highest of standards, offer exceptional training programs, and have their franchisees best interest at heart.

To ensure our members connect with great franchisors, BeTheBoss has created designations to make it easier for our members to decipher through the hundreds of franchise systems operating throughout Canada. Our hope is that these designations will help ensure trust, credibility, and reliability in the franchising industry. Our goal is to assist potential franchisees on their search to find the best designated new business opportunity that will help them to reach their professional and personal goals in franchising.

Where will you see these Designations?

When a franchise system has a designation on their BeTheBoss listing and/or the franchise systems website our members will know that the franchise system is an approved or recommended franchise by BeTheBoss.

Why Create these Designations?

Our mission is to help our members connect with only the best franchise systems in the country. By certifying franchise systems we are ensuring our members are getting the highest standard of service, information, education and quality training from some of the most professional franchising systems in Canada. Our purpose is to help new potential franchisees decipher each franchise system easily by providing them with an easy-to-view symbol that will help guide them to find trustworthy, reliable and credible franchise systems.

What are the Designations?

BeTheBoss has created two designations. The “Approved Franchisor” designation is awarded to a franchise that has lengthy experience, proven systems, and a franchise team that can lead any new franchisee to success. The “Associate Member” designation is to define the emerging licensors, distributors, business or franchise opportunities that have shown a real business is up and running, where the end products and services are being sold successfully to customers or have the ability to launch and support at least one franchised outlet for 12 months, and are in the business of building their network.

Designation Requirements

Approved Franchisor Designation

To qualify for “Approved Franchisor” designation, a franchisor must have the following requirements:

Approved Franchisor
  • Established franchised businesses with a proven trading and franchising record for more than 3 years
  • Has secured a minimum of 10 operating units (franchisees)
  • Offers a minimum of 2 weeks of training for new franchisees
  • Must have a advertising fund in place, and supervise the execution of successful advertising commitments
  • The Franchise team has proven capability to lead a franchise network
  • Ability of the Franchisor to meet its current and future commitments
  • Provides ongoing franchisee support services

Associate Member Designation:

An “Associate Member” can be an emerging license, distribution, business or franchise opportunity. To receive an associate member designation the emerging member must meet the following requirements.

Associate Member

Qualifications for “Associate Member” designation:

  • A real business is up and running where the end products and services are being sold successfully to customers OR Have the ability to launch and support at least one outlet for 12 months, and are in the business of building their network
  • Offers at least 5 days of training to new operators
  • Evidence of its ability to establish a solid network
  • Actively works with current partners to achieve success

So if you are a franchisor, distributor, licensor or business opportunity who is interested in having these designations on your listing and/or website please feel free to Contact Us to see if you meet all of the required qualifications.