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Ceiling Pro International

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    $25,001 - $50,000
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    Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, International franchises, Restoration, B2B Franchises, Home Based Businesses, Home Improvement, Mobile Businesses
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“Service businesses…are among some of the best values now, partly
due to their low cost of entry, high demand, and good margins.”
– The Wall Street Journal




The cleaning industry in Canada is worth over $5 billion dollars annually. For every building that is cleaned, there is a ceiling that also needs cleaning.

Over time, ceilings trap odors, dust, grease and pollutants. Dirty ceilings become dark and unsightly, negatively affecting business image and staff morale and potentially becoming a health hazard. Ceiling Pro International provides professional ceiling cleaning that not only improves the look and health of a building, but saves companies money on facility maintenance and employee absenteeism. Ceilings can look new again for  approximately 75% less cost that replacment and 50% less cost than painting. And unlike painting, ceiling cleaning retains the ceilings acoustic and fire retardent qualities. 

Virtually any building with a ceiling is your potential customer; restaurants, hotels, offices, casinos, industrial facilities, shopping malls, dental and medical offices and more.




Are you an entrepreneur seeking a turn-key business offering flexibility and year-round, repeat business? Or do you want to add a new revenue stream to your existing service business? 

You can now own a dealership providing specialized ceiling cleaning as part of Ceiling Pro International. Headquartered in Minnesota, USA, Ceiling Pro International (CPI) is the industry leader with a network of over 500 dealers worldwide. CPI dealers serve thousands of clients and restore millions of square feet of soiled ceilings every year.  Since 1989, CPI's international growth has exploded with established dealers in 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa, among many others.

CPI is now offering authorized dealerships in various markets throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan including:

Lethbridge                  Regina

Red Deer                   Saskatoon

Medicine Hat              Prince Albert

Grande Prairie           Swift Current

Fort McMurray





Three-step process:

CPI uses 18 proprietary non-toxic solutions to provide specialized cleaning to a variety of sufaces including; acoustic ceiling tiles, vinyl kitchen ceilings, textured ceilings, metal ductwork and walls, concrete, stucco and stone surfaces, PVC signs, awnings and more. The cleaning process also works on water stains and smoke damage. 

The solutions are sprayed on to react with the dirty ceiling and remove contaminants, saving customers time and money, while giving them a bright, healthy environment. Customers also appreciate that this cleaning can be done in place, during closed hours so there is no disruption to their operations.




This is a business with a low initial investment, low overhead and excellent cash flow from repeat business. The proven process is quick to learn making hiring and managing staff easy and your business start-up turn-key. 

  •      Low cost, one time investment
  •      No royalties or fees
  •      50 -70% profit margins
  •      Minimal competition
  •      Year-around, repeat business
  •      Turn-key start-up, previous experience not required
  •      Financing available
  •      Proprietary solutions and process
  •      Support from head office and network of dealers
  •      Free, on-going technical, sales, operational and administrative support
  •      Training videos available in variety of languages
  •      Multi-lingual support staff
  •      An extensive data base of client testimonial letters
  •      International name recognition
  •      Network of more than 500 dealers worldwide

Dealership package also includes:

  •      technical and on-site training program at the CPI headquarters in Minnesota, including
        flight, hotels, transportation and most meals
  •      solutions and equipiment to get started, enough to clean approximately 50,000 ft² of
        surface generating $25,000 in revenue! 




“There are a lot of dirty ceilings in my city and none of my competitors can clean them!”
Nelson Costa, (Janitorial Company)

“The high profit margins of this business has allowed us to hire and keep good quality technicians.”
Greg Diehl, (Carpet cleaning)

“We were so enthusiastic about the professional atmosphere that we decided to partner with Ceiling Pro International.”
Miguel Galarce, (Janitorial Company) 

“This isn’t just a ceiling cleaning machine; it’s a money making machine."
Gerson Silva, (Entrepreneur)




If you recognize the great potential in becoming a CPI dealer with a proven business model, high profits, low overhead and virtually no competition, then contact us today. One of our representatives will be happy to call you to answer questions and provide more details. 


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March 19, 2017