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Investment Level $10,001 ~ $25,000
Royalty Fee0%





Pringles Power Vending Program offers everyone’s favourite snack in our one of a kind vending profit centers!  We’re looking for entrepreneur / route operators in various territories across the country. The Pringles Power Vending Program provides the nationally advertised branded chips in a can to hungry locations across the country.



No Franchise Fees or Royalties

The Pringles Power Vending Program is offered by Arrowsmith Trading Ltd based in Port Alberni, BC under a team of seasoned experts with a 20+ year proven track record in the vending business. We focus on the design, manufacture and distribution of vending equipment throughout Canadian markets and International.



Pringles Power Vending Program

The vending industry in North America is a $42 billion business. Unlike the bricks and mortar retailer business, vending routes don’t involve rental expenses, employees, or costly advertising. Vending allows you to work from home and set your own hours. You can travel when you want to and choose to expand the business at any time. This is a level of freedom not found in many other businesses, and you don’t need to quit your day job. When your vending business grows enough to supplant your current income then you may face the decision of going full time with our vending franchise. It’s up to you!

The Benefits of Running a Vending Route

Fantastic margins

$42 billion industry

Profit from nationally advertised products

Benefit from the growing automation trend

Full start-up training

Part time or full time hours, you decide!

Coaching and support

Be the first in your area

Unlimited expansion potential

No franchisee fees or royalties

No overhead costs

Unique one of kind equipment that attracts customers



Pringles is the registered trademark of Pringles LLC and Kellogg North America Co and is not affiliated with or an agent of the Pringles Power Vending Program.