Toodaloo Pest & Wildlife Control
Toodaloo Pest & Wildlife Control

Toodaloo Pest & Wildlife Control

  • Investment Level
    $25,001 - $50,000
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Canadian Franchises, Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Home & Garden, Home Based Businesses, Home Improvement, Landscaping, Residential Cleaning, B2B Franchises, Mobile Businesses, Seasonal
  • Franchising Since
  • Royalty Fee
    5% Adv: 399/month F.Fee: $44,5K


Are you ready to start your own business with Toodaloo?

There are more bugs on this planet than people and when those 2 worlds collide, our customers can’t get our crews there fast enough!  Our 17 + years of experience will show you how to fulfill that business, build the relationships for your re-occurring revenue streams and scale it to as large as your dreams.



Many pests can pose significant health risks as well as damaging homes and businesses.

Our licensed Toodaloo Pest Control professionals are here to answer the call. In an industry that is dominated by large-scale businesses that lack the personal touch, Toodaloo is the exception to the rule. 

Our clients place a great deal of trust in our team and our brand by letting us into their homes.  Our locally owned franchise offices and Toodaloo technicians instill a feeling of community and security with “neighbours helping neighbours”.

New pests are can rear their heads at any opportunity, especially during seasonal changes. To keep our leg up on our competitors our technicians are prepared to accommodate any pet-related requests. Toodaloo takes customer service to new heights. So, why Toodaloo?


Our Branding

More than just doing a good job, our Toodaloo technicians look good doing it as well.  Marketing for our   brand of pest and wildlife services includes flashy uniforms, eye-catching vehicles and top of the line results. This new twist is why Toodaloo surpasses the competition in an industry that has minimal Franchise Structure within Canada.



Toodaloo Support Centre

Our belief is to reverse engineer our services/customer service support from our customer’s needs.   That is why we have our Toodaloo support centre. Without the worry of daily dispatch and phone reception, franchise partners are free to focus on their own operations and tasks.

Customer interactions start with our professional call centre team to pre-qualify your customer before introducing them to our franchisees and your Toodaloo staff.

Toodaloo Franchise Partners in the field work on the Toodaloo App, where they can run the entire business from their tablet or even their phone. Estimates, Work Orders, Daily Scheduling, it’s all at the tip of their fingers, making the business virtually paperless!


Training and Support

"I Have Never Been in The Pest Control Industry Before!”

Awesome!    All we need is your enthusiasm and customer service attributes…we can train you from there!     Seriously, it does not matter if you have 20 years of experience or 20 minutes of experience, after your training at Toodaloo Headquarters, you will be ready to roll!

Continued support and training is all part of being with Toodaloo and we want to ensure that from day one we are aligned with the franchise partnership

The Toodaloo Call Centre (1-844-TOODALOO) is available for both clients and our team members as well. Franchisees are encouraged to phone us with any questions or concerns that arise in the field.

Learning is never finished and, with Toodaloo, neither is our teaching.


Our Clientele

Pest control is a necessary service and because of its value, pest control services are an integral part of food and service businesses and in high demand for our residential customers.

Toodaloo BREAKS AWAY from the competition by offering expert customer service, a trustworthy name, an unforgettable image and a professional result.

It’s hard for a property owner to place the care of their home in the hands of a stranger. Our local Toodaloo technicians earn the trust of our clients, resulting in positive relationships and customer loyalty. Toodaloo pest services provides expert service and maintains the highest standards of customer service while fully supporting our valued franchisees.


Benefits in a Nushell

  • Start up costs less than $45,000
  • Low overheads (only a 5% royalty)
  • Protected territories
  • high demand services and great profit margins
  • run the business from your home-based office
  • ongoing training in all aspects of the business by our experienced franchise support team
  • run your business mobile, all done on a tablet or even your phone (no extra cost for technology)
  • fun, and recognizable branding
  • call centre to handle all your incoming leads (no extra cost for call centre)
  • great culture and fun atmosphere to work in
  • flexible hours, you are the boss!


To contact us and find out more about this great opportunity,
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At Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Landscaping we’re passionate about our work and our clients! There is no better choice for you! Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!, a locally owned and operated company, is dedicated to the enhancement of our communities, one property at a time.


The pest control industry never stops and Toodaloo is there to answer the call. In an industry that is dominated by large-scale businesses that lack the personal touch, we are the exception to the rule. Our franchise and our technicians instill a feeling of community security.




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