Why Existing Franchises are For Sale?

In your franchise business search you will no doubt come across a lot of franchise resales. There are scores of already existing franchises being sold today, so you might wonder why a franchisee might put their business for sale. There are number of reasons why someone might want to sell their franchises, and these five reasons should cover most cases.

The Franchisee is Retiring

The business has been operating for a long time, maybe even for several decades. The franchisee is now entering his or her twilight years and is ready to settle down to enjoy their retirement. After all that hard work running the company having nothing else to do put play golf and sit on a beach sounds like heaven. This is entirely common and absolutely reasonable. Many franchisees might pass their business down to a relative, but if they can’t they might look into putting their business on the franchise resales market.

The Franchisee is Moving

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances and events force us to have to pull up stakes and move elsewhere. If this is the case with the franchisee, they will be forced into selling their business even if they don’t want to. They might even be interested in staying with the franchise and have every intention of opening up a new location in the city where they are moving to. Nonetheless, you can’t run the business if you can’t be there every day.

The Franchisee Wants to Do Something Else

Perhaps the franchisee opened the company and then, after so many months or years of operation, decided that it wasn’t for them. Maybe they have fallen out of love with the industry, or maybe their interests have simply changed over the years. Either way, the company doesn’t sing their heart’s desire anymore, so it then becomes their best interest to sell.

The Franchisee Wants to Sell it for a Profit and Move On

It is also possible that the franchisee might have bought the business as part of a long term money making plan. They have run the business for a time, made their money, and now are looking to sell it so they can make a profit and move onto the next big thing. It can be a smart exit strategy that pays major dividends in the long run.

These are some of the reasons why existing franchise are for sale in Canada. Take a look and find a great resale opportunity in your area on BeTheBoss.ca Franchise Resales.