Little Medical School sees explosive growth!


Oct 02, 2018


Little Medical School continues its exponential growth with over 50 new franchises in under 3 years across the USA as well as Canada, Egypt, Singapore, Oman, South India and Pakistan.  It is a concept that is capturing the interest of prospective franchisees world-wide.


Ranked as of one of the top 10 emerging franchises in 2018, Little Medical School offers after school programming, birthday parties, summer camps, special events and preschool activities for children from of 4-14. The curriculum is aligned with STEM objectives and its educational enrichment programs offer a fun, innovative, and engaging curriculum, while creating an opportunity to experience role playing using tools that real doctors use. By participating in these role-playing experiences, Little Medical School is inspiring tomorrow’s health professionals, today!


Benjamin Lim, a successful entrepreneur in Singapore, recently purchased the Master franchise rights to Singapore. When asked why he purchased the exclusive rights to Little Medical School for Singapore he said,


“There is no country in the world that has a more competitive educational landscape than Singapore. I had been looking for a unique franchise for quite some time. The children’s education space in Singapore is very crowded and regimented. However, there is no franchise concept that focuses on promoting careers in health care. From the research I compiled with my business partners, both educators and parents alike loved the idea of teaching children how to become a doctor, dentist, pharmacist and other unique professions in a fun hands-on setting. The fact Little Medical School falls within STEM objectives is a huge bonus as well”.


Apart from offering unique programs in a fun and creative environment, it offers attractive benefits to potential franchisees, as well.  Franchisees can keep overheads low by starting the franchise from their home, and with an affordable investment point, on-site training provided and no requirements for previous business, teaching or medical experience, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to run their own exciting and one of a kind edutainment business. 


You can learn more about Little Medical School here