Ledgers is Experiencing Remarkable Growth

Date: MAR 27th, 2014

Topic: Franchise News

On the heels of a record setting year in 2013, Ledgers Canada and their franchisees, continue to see extraordinary growth as we move into 2014. With the opening of 6 new locations already in 2014, Ledgers is on pace to achieve its goal of 20 new locations in 2014 as well as expansion into the United States and internationally.

“We attribute this growth to the rapidly increasing Brand Recognition as a result of our strategic partnerships with complementary businesses such as LTP Financial, Regus Business Centers and Financial Freedom Now” said Ledgers Canada President Gordon Haslam. A large part of their success is also attributable to their National Accounts Program. Through this program, they partner with other Franchise organizations such as Pet Valu, Mary Brown’s, the Grounds Guys and more to provide consistency in the bookkeeping and accounting for their systems.

Ledgers is also making great strides with their SureStart™ program, an all?inclusive program designed for the start up of a new business, whether a franchise or not; This incredible program prepares the client for starting their business by providing them with a business plan, budget, incorporation, sales tax registration, accounting system setup and their 1st three months of bookkeeping, all for one low price. Currently in Canada there are no set standards for bookkeepers or tax preparation services, and this lack of standards has caused a tremendous amount of problems for small business owners; they have been led to believe that ‘bookkeeping’ can be done by just about anyone and a ‘Big Firm’ has to take care of the year?end financial statements and tax filing requirements. This misunderstanding has not only cost small business owners unnecessarily, it has created the niche market in which Ledgers maintains control.

By requiring franchise owners to adhere to strict standards, policies and procedures, and via the use of a central processing system for Corporate Tax Preparation, a Ledgers Professional is able to provide high quality, consistent, professional services at prices a small business owner can afford. It is this affordability that is setting Ledgers apart from others in the industry.