Sheldon and Beth Crystal - Qualicare


Aug 07, 2012

Qualicare franchisees Sheldon and Beth Crystal opened in November 2011. The Crystals chose their business roles based on each of their strengths. Sheldon handles the marketing and business development while Beth focuses on client care and human resources.

“We think couples really have to take a close look at their relationship to determine if they would enjoy being in business together,” Sheldon said. “In our case, we truly feel fortunate that we have this opportunity to own and operate this business and that we chose Qualicare.” Qualicare is good for couples because the model can start as a home-based business, there’s a role for each partner, the business is community centric, and the business is personal and people like doing business with family-based companies. Toronto-based Qualicare has two corporate locations and 14 franchises. They plan to have 50 open in three years and 100 in the next five years.

Their relationship with Qualicare was created during a personal family crisis. Beth's mother Sara, a vibrant, intelligent and selfless woman was diagnosed with ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS is a progressive neuromuscular disease that over time weakens all muscles and renders one completely paralyzed. Sara's one and only wish was to remain in her home.

The family was determined to do whatever was necessary to comply with this wish. With her background in Occupational Therapy, Beth was able to create a safe and accessible environment in Sara's home.

This meant always staying one step ahead of this progressive disease by being ready with adaptive equipment to compensate for physical limitations. At a certain point Beth and her siblings realized that for Sara to remain in her home, she would require more care.

After some research Sheldon and Beth met with Qualicare and were immediately impressed by their level of knowledge and the depth of their interest and compassion. Through Qualicare we were able to provide 24 hour support and an exceptional nurse who stayed with the family and provided medical attention and comfort, allowing Beth and her siblings to spend their last moments with their mother as children rather than caregivers. Sara's wish was granted and she remained at home surrounded by the love of her family.