Real Property Management Franchisee, Jason McGuire

Author: Real Property Management

Date: AUG 5th, 2016

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee What made you choose Real Property Management from all the franchise opportunities you looked at?

Real Property Management Franchise was presented to me at a meeting from the Charlwood Pacific Group, who owns Century 21, a company that I have trusted and worked with throughout my career.  As a natural addition real-estate this was a great opportunity to transition myself from the rollercoaster of a real estate agent into a steady source of income for my family.

BTB: Can you describe the support you got from the Real Property Management head office team as you got started?

I really don’t think this question will help you with this piece as I had a really bad experience and would not have continued if not for the greater support and presence of the Canadian office. 

When the Canadian franchise kicked off, support was only a phone call away.  I could bounce ideas off of corporate office, get support and suggestions on different problems I ran into from someone who was familiar with my marketplace.  The ability to hear, talk and resolve problem that other people has all across the country is an amazing resource that I have never had before.

BTB: What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

My greatest key to success has been the support of colleagues, friends and family.  Being in an atmosphere where everyone wants to succeed and is working towards that same goal is really help drive you to that next deal and end goal.

BTB: Describe the most rewarding part of owning your business?

The most rewarding part of owning a business, has to be the regularity of a nine to five and dependability of having a steady income, while still able to take the time I want with my family.  I can now step away and know that everything is going to be okay.

BTB: What are your goals going forward?

Once we hit our next critical mass, I hope to hire an office manager to take care of the day to day operation of the office.

BTB: What goals did you have when you joined Real Property Management?

My original goal when joining Real Property Management was to have my freedom 35, I know it is really ambitious and I have had a few roadblocks/life changes along the way.  However I am still aiming to generate a passive income for my family to live comfortably on.

BTB: What advice would you give to a potential franchisee?

The best advice I could offer a potential franchisee is to know your marketplace and understand that things change all the time.  When I first started, I had to explain to people what I did as the concept just did not compute, now we are in a marketplace where competing for business is normal.

BTB: What are the biggest advantages that Real Property Management gives you in your business? (eg marketing, negotiating with vendors, support, etc.)

In my opinion, the biggest advantage that Real Property Management provides is knowledge and reach.  Being a small business owner, I would never be able to reach out and see what is happening in other marketplaces or make the same connections with offices in other cities/provinces.

BTB: How does Real Property Management help you to differentiate yourself from your competition? (brand recognition, advertising, etc, location?)

Real Property Management helps me differentiate myself from the competition by providing a national standard that customers have come to know and trust. No matter where they are, they know that great services can be found here.