Massage Addict Franchisees - Robert & Diane Musselwhite


Date: MAR 10th, 2011

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

No strangers to the business world and also current owners of a major international fitness franchise, Robert and Diane Musselwhite were looking for the right opportunity to move into the future.  We had no passion for the “fast food” industry,  print services or many of the other traditional franchise models and were looking for something uniquely different but with mass appeal and growing demand.  

When the concept of  Massage Addicted was presented to us we examined the business model, looked at the unlimited potential and decided to accept the challenge of getting in on the ground floor of what we consider to be a growth industry.  It just seemed like a natural fit.

 We both have backgrounds in the medical field,  have managed our own businesses both separately and as a team, actively practice a holistic approach to health care and we are firm believers in the many health benefits achieved through therapeutic massage.

“I believe that to be successful with any career or business endeavour a person needs to believe in what they do” says Robert. “If you have no passion for the business you have chosen then you are in the wrong career.”

Although not yet a household name our target is to make Massage Addict nationally recognized over the next five years.  When we opened our location in Whitby , Ontario in August 2009 we were under no illusion that the world would come flocking to our door but we also knew that with a great product, hard work,  good promotion, the experience and support of a young and dynamic corporate team we would be successful. 

From its very beginnings in Halifax, Massage Addict dominated the massage therapy industry with four successful franchise locations opening in its first 18 months.  In less than two years we have evolved from an unknown name to a brand name now recognized in the Ontario massage industry. Locally we are the place to go for therapeutic massage in the Durham and now Simcoe regions through the Barrie franchise.   

These are very exciting times for us and it is great to be part of an organization that is pioneering how massage therapy is provided in Canada.