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Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000

Crock A Doodle is Canada's own paint-it-yourself pottery studio franchise. We bring people together to create, laugh, share and grow, transforming ready-to-paint pottery pieces into amazing works-of-art. Painted pieces are professionally glazed and kiln-fired to become functional serving pieces, unique gifts and precious keepsakes. With great product margins, a powerful POS system and unique local marketing approach, you have everything you need to create success in a BIG way! And you'll get dedicated support every step of the way.


crock_a_doodle_header Life has become too hectic, too rushed, too impersonal. The busier people get, the more they need to slow things down, to unplug from technology, to reconnect with family, friends and themselves. Pottery painting is a venue for rejuvenating the soul. It provides an opportunity for relaxed social interaction, creative exploration and simple hands-on play. It's FUN ART, not fine art. Anyone can do it - and everyone should!

Our Future

The early years of brand building, concept development and marketing strategy refinement provided a solid platform for business growth. By 2011, Crock A Doodle has grown to soon be 8 retail studios, with another 4 home based franchises. The company will continue to grow its retail franchise program across Canada, targeting 50 retail studios by 2015. Crock A Doodle will also explore international expansion, responding to the multitude of inquiries coming in for master franchise rights for India, Saudi Arabia and Europe. Look out world... here we come!


Market Trend – Females are looking for meaningful opportunities

Women-run businesses represent the fastest growing segment in Canada. It is predicted that by 2010, there will be more than 1 million women-run businesses in Canada. A CIBC study on Women Entrepreneurs, described 60% of self-employed woman as "lifestylers' – not in business looking for massive growth opportunities, but choosing self-employment as a way to balance work and family demands. Turnkey businesses such as franchising and network marketing provide the support structure necessary for easing the transition to self-employment and give these women the balance they seek in a self-directed career.

Positioned for Success

Crock A Doodle is well-positioned for growth in the Canadian retail ceramic studio market. The company enjoys the first-in advantage for a Canadian franchise system and is the only retail pottery studio member of the Canadian Franchise Association. This makes it the system to beat!

crock_a_doodle_header Limited Competitive Activity

Crock A Doodle faces limited competition in the Canadian market. There are approximately 35 independent ceramic studios operating in communities across Canada. These studios lack the buying power, operating systems and support of a larger franchised system. They are often located in uptown boutique locations or industrial sites, neither of which caters to the prime family demographic. Crock A Doodle studios are located in high traffic areas; convenient for families with high visibility to stay top-of-mind to its customers.

Use of Technology – Knowledge is Power

Crock A Doodle utilizes a robust point of sale system which serves as a powerful Customer Relationship Management tool. This automated system sends out engaging email communication to keep customers coming back! In addition, the business hosts an interactive and comprehensive website for consumers. This web presence along with social media efforts on Facebook and online communities helps to build buzz and top-of-mind awareness for the brand.

  • A partnership with a franchisor committed to your success
  • Multiple revenue streams: walk-in traffic, birthday parties, team builders, workshops, fundraisers, ladies nights, bridal showers, kids classes ....
  • Low initial investment: $85,000-120,000
  • No royalties. 2% marketing fee
  • Comprehensive training program and in-store staff training
  • Ongoing marketing and merchandising support
  • Established distribution system for product orders
  • Confidential Operations and Marketing Manuals
  • Assistance with retail site selection and build out process
  • DO what you LOVE and make a living
  • A business you can get excited about!

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