Doctor Screen
Doctor Screen

Doctor Screen

  • Investment Level
    $10,001 - $50,000
  • Capital Required
    $19,995 -
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Home Improvement, Business Opportunities, Canadian Franchises, Home & Garden, Home Based Businesses, Mobile Businesses, Construction, Decorating, Restoration
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Doctor Screen Franchise




Doctor Screen

Get into your own business for under $20k!  Due to rapid expansion and success, Doctor Screen is changing their entry level model for new Distributors to make it easier to start with less cash upfront.

You can own a lucrative Territory in Canada from $19,995.00 to $49,995.00.  The one-time fee gives you exclusive rights to an agreed upon Territory.  You receive a fully equipped “Mobile Clinic” Enclosed Trailer workshop with everything you need to operate a turn key business. The “Clinic” includes, work table, screen racking, storage space, all tools and training necessary to make you a qualified “Doctor” screen. Enjoy instant revenue generated from your Exclusive Local area landing page connected to our web site. 

The gleaming white logo’d “Clinic” trailer, is leased to you for a 5-year term.  It is then replaced with a “brand new one” with any improvements we have made during that time.

Doctor Screen is a fast-growing Franchise type business supported by existing Distributors and more coming on the System every year. 


What sets Doctor Screen apart from most other Franchise opportunities?

  1. We don’t set your working hours.
  2. You can work at your own pace, take vacation when you want.
  3. Purchase adjacent territories if available.
  4. No employees other than yourself.
  5. No building or utilities other than you phone number.
  6. Enjoy the addition of products and services being added to our product catalogue
  7. Become an “Authorized Service Provider" for Home Depot Stores in your area.
  8. Become a Mirage Retractable Screen Dealer


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