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Number of units 26
Investment Level $300,001 ~ $400,000
Franchising Since 1974

Now Accepting Franchise Applications for the Following Provinces:

  • Ontario




Caryl Baker Franchise


If the world of beauty sets your heart aflutter, and the dream of becoming an entrepreneur is etched in your aspirations, then we must connect!

Our philosophy is refreshingly simple: we want to empower every individual to not only look good, but to truly feel their absolute best! To achieve this, we offer a wide selection of trending beauty services, a cutting-edge selection of skincare solutions and makeup products; brought to life by a team of talented and certified Face Experts!



You’re a Leader!

You're a go-getter that radiates positivity. You thrive in a retail services and sales environment. As a franchise owner, you run the day-to-day operations and guide your team of professional Face Experts. Together, you offer clients a wide range of beauty services and treatments, along with our top-notch Caryl Baker Visage skincare and cosmetics.

You Inspire!

You lead your team by uniting them by a common goal: to enhance your clients' natural beauty. With your team of educated and certified Face Experts, you bring innovation to the forefront, using our products and facial services to ignite inspiration in every client.



Proven Legacy: With a history dating back to 1969, we boast over half a century of experience in the beauty industry. Our track record is a testament to our enduring success.

Exclusive Product Line: We take pride in sourcing, packaging, and promoting our own line of cosmetics and skincare products, all bearing the trusted Caryl Baker brand name.

Top-Tier Training: Our Beauty Academy offers one of the most comprehensive and high-quality training programs available. Upon graduation, you'll emerge as an expert in the fields of beauty and skincare.

Innovative Marketing: When it comes to marketing and promotions, we focus on providing exciting and innovative marketing strategies and promotional campaigns designed to maximize your success.

Passion-Driven Work: As a Caryl Baker Visage franchisee, your profession aligns perfectly with your passion. You'll discover that your work is a labour of love in the world of beauty and skincare.



We engage in meaningful consultations with our clients, fostering open dialogues to gain deeper insights into their individual requirements. Our skincare philosophy is centered on progress rather than aggression. We take a tailored approach, crafting solution-oriented beauty programs that align with each client's unique skin type and desired outcomes.

Our commitment to stringent hygiene standards and adherence to Public Health protocols is unwavering. Every one of our locations Green-Pass Approved for safe beauty. As a result, Caryl Baker Visage has emerged as the foremost destination for an extensive range of facial services, skincare solutions, cosmetics, and even professional ear and nose piercing!



Our relentless dedication to research and development is what keeps us on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving beauty and skincare industry. This drive empowers us to continually introduce innovative products and services that set new standards.

We believe in comprehensive beauty care that covers everything from the décolletage upward. Our impressive lineup of face-specific services includes Eyebrow Waxing, Eyebrow and Lash Tinting, Microblading, Lash Lifting and Extensions, Facial Treatments, HydraFacial®, Makeup Applications, Ear Piercing, and a whole lot more!

Our extensive product collection caters to every skin type, featuring a range of essentials such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliators, eye creams, and specialized treatments. Additionally, we proudly offer a wide selection of cosmetics under our esteemed Caryl Baker brand, including foundation, primer, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush, brow products, and more!



Our comprehensive training program ensures that you gain invaluable hands-on experience, developing a deep understanding of both our products and the execution of every service in our repertoire. But it's not just about the "what" – we make sure you understand the "how" and "why" behind each service's benefits for our clients.

The result is a franchise owner who is not only highly qualified but also professionally trained to provide the complete range of Caryl Baker Visage services. Our commitment to your success doesn't stop there. We offer continuous support through regular supervisory visits, ongoing training sessions, updates, and an array of marketing initiatives and promotions designed to bolster your client base and boost your sales.

Becoming a Face Expert is an exciting journey that begins with our cutting-edge training program. Here, you'll immerse yourself in the intricacies of our products, services, and the essential skills needed to run your location successfully. Your training experience kicks off at our prestigious Beauty Academy in Toronto, followed by an invaluable apprenticeship within an established Caryl Baker Visage location.

Rest assured; we'll be your unwavering support system every step of the way. Our franchise system and operational procedures are meticulously designed to deliver maximum benefits to your business, making sure you're well-equipped for success.


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