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    $50,001 - $100,000
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    Business For Women, Children, Educational , Franchises For Women, International franchises, Mompreneur
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Make a profit and change the world to the best it can be with an Algorithmics franchise!

Over 40,000 children from five to 14 years old from 11 different countries are learning programming through Algorithmics' unique educational platform. Our platform is integrated into the public schools system of Azerbaijan and almost 10% of the country’s kids are learning computer science through our methodology. Our own unique IT platform contains everything you’ll need for the classes: from interactive assignments, for the children to methodological instructions for each lesson, for the teachers.



A business that brings more than simply money...

Programming is the new English and teaching it needs to begin in childhood. Our main goal is to teach important skill to as many kids as possible. In 2016 we had three locations and 50 students and in two years we have grown into a company present in 11 countries and more than 300 locations.


Partnership opportunities.

The launch of our franchise starts after signing the contract, and the break-even point for a location is generally reached within three-to-four months. There are two models of partnership: 

1.  Local franchise.
2.  Master franchise.



Demand for IT specialists exceeds supply and this proportion will remain in the coming years.

Programming skills have become even more sought-after in recent years. Why do more and more parents want to their kids to be taught programming? Researchers from Burning Class have analysed over 25 million job vacancies in US market and the results show that seven million of these jobs require programming skills. These skills are necessary not only in the IT and engineering industries, but also for big data analysts, designers, artists, and scientists.


What makes our product unique?

Algorithmics provides its partners with everything they need to conduct programming lessons:

  • Ready-made courses for children from between five to 14 years old.
  • Individual tracking for every student.
  • Thousands of tasks for children on our proprietary online platform, an environment where students can create their own games and cartoons.
  • Methodological materials and instructions for the teacher for each lesson.
  • A CRM (customer relationship management) system.
  • All the necessary templates and instructions to quickly launch your own programming school.



The training that 100 partners have received

We value the opinion of all our franchisees and in more than two years of franchising, we have developed a business launch plan that 100 successful partners have used. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, an engineer, an accountant, or a spaceman we will provide you and your team with all the necessary instructions. We will tell you in advance it is going to be a demanding project but uniquely rewarding and a great opportunity.


Are you ready to become a part of Algorithmics?

This is a profile of our potential partner: 

  • Ready to devote oneself fully to the development of the franchise.
  • Wants to teach programming to as many kids as possible and develop a 21st century skillset in children. 
  • Is aiming for the maximum number of locations.
  • Is willing to join multi-billion strong education industry.
  • Wants to make a difference.