Chopped Leaf
Chopped Leaf

Chopped Leaf

  • Investment Level
    $200,001 - $500,000
  • Capital Required
    $100,000 -
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Business Opportunities, Health & Wellness, Business For Women, Franchises For Women, Food, Fast Food, Restaurant
  • Franchising Since
  • Royalty Fee
    6% Royalty - 3% Mrkting

Chopped Leaf Franchise


If you’re a serious investor looking for a great business opportunity with a Brand that represents your belief in a healthy lifestyle then please complete the Request Info form. Complete our Inquiry Form so we can contact you directly.

Founded in 2009, our food focuses on made fresh, hand crafted, better-for-you items such as wraps, soups, rice bowls, sandwiches, salads, and our signature Chopped Water. We offer eat in, take away, online ordering with pre-pay and pickup, and catering. With numerous locations opened and committed The Chopped Leaf is positioned for positive growth.

Franchise Opportunities with The Chopped Leaf start with the roots, to ensure franchises GROW. Every element counts from operations to marketing and design.


  • Branded and customized franchise opportunity
  • Quality products
  • Innovative design
  • Premium site selection
  • Proven System
  • Ongoing support & training
  • Cost effective build out
  • Sustainable business model
  • And most of all.. Success

Revolutionizing Fast Food

fast, fresh flavourful

Revitalizing the industry, The Chopped Leaf is a fresh new concept of chef designed salads, soups, and wraps. With over 50 ingredients to choose from, Wraps and Salads can be personalized, and a freshly made soups make it hard for customers to resist the taste and comfort of new and familiar flavours. The Chopped Leaf’s menu selections are kept fresh with the reinvented traditional quesadilla, intriguing and satisfying, even to the most skeptical consumer.

Premium customer service achieved by fast, healthy and fresh food, reaching our customers with exceptional timeliness is our goal. With our superior service and quality product, we raise the bar every day. From the moment our customers walk through our doors, they are given a unique experience with refreshing and vibrant food choices and service unmatched by any other quick service restaurant.

We show our urban flare style in our store layout and design, and top it off with our high end service and menu

Never have consumers been so aware of their health, so there’s never been a better time to get involved with a Chopped Leaf franchise.

Balanced lifestyle choices based on healthy food choices are all over the news.  The Chopped Leaf shows the market that fresh ingredients can be at the heart of the perfect meal for any occasion.   

With Dine-In, Take-Out and Catering options, we can accommodate any healthy dining need.

Point of Sale

endless opportunity

Our quality and service standards are what differentiate The Chopped Leaf.  These are what redefine quick service restaurants.  We go beyond expectations with our outstanding customer service and the ready to order freshest of ingredients.

We ensure store design optimization and seating capacity, taking into account the available space and customer base.  Inviting fixtures furnish the locale, inviting guests into our urban atmosphere. “In-and-out” dining, ensures table turnover; but we do this without sacrificing the luxury of full service to our tables.

After placing their order at our point of sale system, customers find seating and receive full service on our stylish plate ware that is a conversation piece in itself. Luxuries including music and television selections, customized artwork, friendly service, and quality dishes ensure an exceptional dining experience at The Chopped Leaf from the moment customers arrive to the moment they leave our doors.

Our entire menu is take-out. Focusing on high foot traffic locations, store layouts ensure a smooth flow of traffic for easy order and pick up. We also encourage phone-in orders to reduce congestion during peak hours.

The Chopped Leaf capitalizes on orders with our catering options. The Chopped Leaf offers a full catering menu designed for easy ordering by groups of any size. Our industry leading marketing tools allow Chopped Leaf locations the opportunity to capture catering orders.  Locations near office buildings can be the caterer of choice for meetings and other functions. 

Customer Service

value added

At The Chopped Leaf, we believe that food service should be stylish and focus on customers’ needs and experience.

Our high standard of quality is in all locations. Our team members can count on ongoing corporate support and comprehensive training with our manual, systems and procedures. We are fast food, we raise standards, and we add value for our customers. They will come back for more.

Return on Investment

affordable build out

You will see a short term return on investment with the affordable initial investment and cost-effective operating costs.

Our modern and versatile design suit diverse sites and locations whether they be existing operations or a new site with a blank canvas.

An existing site, complete with furnishing and fixtures needs minimal leasehold improvements; while a blank slate lets you perfect the functional layout, design and furnishings. We consider all factors, making decisions based on the economics of the build out and long term profitability for site exposure.

The best locations are those with a dense population or high foot traffic, offering steady traffic during the day, and also for the drive home. Key demographics of 30-50 years old with a healthy lifestyle pair well with our concept, promoting a balanced and active way of life.

Location requirements are sites between 500 and 1,800sq ft. with easy access, good exposure and ample opportunity for signage.

Depending on site selection, leasehold improvements and equipment costs should range between $125,000 – $250,000.  There are no ventilation requirements necessary to carry-out menu procedures, which means only basic equipment requirements and opens many more opportunities when searching for the perfect site.

The Chopped Leaf team has everything to make its restaurants and team members a success.