Dashlight Diagnostics
Dashlight Diagnostics

Dashlight Diagnostics

  • Investment Level
    $10,001 - $50,000
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Automotive, Business Opportunities, Home Based Businesses, Mobile Businesses
  • Royalty Fee
    0% No Fees


Do you have an interest in automobiles
and want a flexible lifestyle with great returns?


You can now get in on the ground floor of the growing "​Dashlight Diagnostics" team!  This team of specially qualified automotive diagnostic professionals who deliver a "Mobile Auto Diagnostics service " to all major centres across Canada.  Car & light truck owners with "Check engine" or other warning lights illuminated can simply schedule an appointment with their local " Mobile Technician ", who will come to their location to perform an " Auto Diagnostic " service.

We’re also pleased to provide a used car inspection service for both buyers and sellers of used vehicles.  This is a great opportunity for unlimited growth in your area.  With the help of our state of the art diagnostic equipment, our Technicians will quickly identify the specific components that need replacing on vehicles, and provide clients with a printed report. 



Why do people love to use our service?

  • Convenience – no need for clients to drop off or pick up a vehicle at a garage.
  • Time Saving – Clients don’t need to take time off work or use valuable free time to find out what's wrong with their vehicle.
  • Bias Free – As an independent 3rd party, Dashlight Diagnostic Technicians are proud to be able to offer a 100% unbiased report on the vehicle.  This is important to used vehicle purchasers/sellers as well as to anyone who needs a 2nd opinion on mechanical repair quotations.
  • Knowledge – Clients can shop for vehicle repairs, knowing time line that it will take to have it fixed.
  • Cost Savings and Confidence – Clients can also shop for vehicle repairs knowing that they aren’t being sold repair services that they don’t require.

Who Uses Our Service

  • Car dealers
  • Auto body and collision repair shops 
  • Smaller auto repair shops
  • Back yard mechanics 
  • Do it yourselfers that like to fix their own cars
  • People wanting to sell a used vehicle to price it accordingly
  • People looking to buy a used car that want to know its condition prior to purchase
  • People that want to keep their repair facility honest by getting an unbiased opinion



Great advantages for licensees!

  • Set your own schedule and be your own boss.
  • Our technicians earn a minimum of $99.98 per hour
  • One, 1 hour appointment per day x 5 days per week = $26,000 per year (estimated)
  • We supply you with state of the art auto diagnostic equipment.
  • You will become a diagnostics specialist with our complete and comprehensive training and tools.
  • Cash business -payment on the spot!
  • Recession-Proof.
  • Virtually no overhead.
  • Scalable – you choose how much you want to work.
  • Exclusive territories
  • Combine our customer generating web site with a minimal amount of self-promotion.  


Dashlight diagnostics puts you on the map and provides you with the tools for success.
If you are interested in this great opportunity,
click the Send Request Now button and let’s talk!