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Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000


The Company

The idea of turning the “IQS” into a profitable franchising system was born in 2001, when a professional team, having experienced all aspects (commercial, technical, marketing, scientific and medical) of this innovative program aimed at defeating tobacco addiction, decided to launch it's idea.

The IQS Global Network now consist of important partners from all over the world (Europe, North America, South America, Asia) effectively developing the IQS system in several countries aided by the industry “forerunners’”.

The IQS management and international experience opens the possibilities to share our real mission: TO TURN our experiences INTO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES by helping the WORLD to quit smoking.

The Method was developed in Europe in full compliance with international requirements for safety and commercial use including certification from UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CE (European Certification), FDA (Food & Drug Administration), and Health Canada.

The IQS Method

It is easy to implement the system as it is a Three Phase Concept:

PHASE 1 During an initial meeting your trained IQS therapist records key indicators of your smoking habit as well as personal and lifestyle information. This data is then programmed into the patented R.I.S.E® device where the “No Smoke” software creates an individualized program.

PHASE 2 IQS process is based on the principles of Reflexology a practice which uses pressure point massage to stimulate energy flow throughout the body. This process, when applied to the ear, is called Auricular Therapy. The treatment uses gentle electrical stimulation which helps to break up the poisonous substances of Tobacco and Nicotine which have accumulated in the organs due to smoking.

PHASE 3 During the first week after treatment, you must refrain from coffee, cola & chocolate, increase lots of water and stay away from other smokers.

Reasons to Open IQS Centre

1. No ROYALTIES to IQS Canada.

2. IQS believes a centre is a good way to start a business without a large investment(Low investment of $55,000).

3. People will always smoke and better yet; People will always try to quit.

4. IQS offers a professional and service based business with a proven method of getting a good return on your investment.

Facts about IQS Canada:

1. IQS Customers have a 90% Success Rate that they will quit smoking

2. IQS Canada Technology allows the Smoker not to experience withdraw symptoms

3. IQS Canada provides a full 3 day training from its management team from Ireland

4. IQS Canada management team & staff are in place to support our partners from start-up to operations

5. IQS Canada provides extensive advertising and marketing support to drive customers to their location. Materials ranging from marketing strategy, messaging and advertising templates to corporate identity materials and collateral are available through our Franchisee Extranet. All materials can be downloaded and edited to suit your local market.

Last but not Least -Earning Potential

In today’s market, it’s important to select a business with sound fundamentals, solid profit potential and growth opportunities. IQS has the potential to deliver these benefits to interested franchisees.

The IQS program allows partners to participate in an industry with significant growth and capitalize on the immense profit potential through it IQS methods. It only takes 3 customers a day to see the returns.

Consider the simplicity and easy of the IQS program as a way to earn money while helping others in their struggle to quit smoking.

May 4, 2011

I Quit Smoking Franchise Continues Growth

(Toronto, May 4, 2011)  – I Quit Smoking Canada (www.iqscanada.com)  is happy to announce that it has entered the Ontario market with its first location near Scarborough Town Centre   Mr. Maher...
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