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Number of units 11
Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000
Franchising Since 2013
Royalty Fee 6%










Jumping Bean Coffee Company was founded in 2005 by engineer Jeff LeDrew on the pillars of 1) social responsibility, 2) technical innovation, and 3) community growth through personal relationship building.

Jumping Bean Coffee Company

Jumping Bean Coffee is socially responsible: certified both organic and fair trade, bought from single origin farms, and shipped to Newfoundland where it is roasted locally. LeDrew invented a new roasting process he calls ECO2Roast: saving a pound of carbon for every pound of beans roasted. Completing this process locally means the beans are not only cleaner socially and environmentally, but they are also fresher when they reach stores and cafes. Finally, each Jumping Bean Coffee Cafe is decorated with locally sourced products, including furniture, wood for tables, and benches, and even the art on the walls. They are community hubs in which people meet, whether to chat, conduct business lunches, or just to sit and read a book. Kid and family friendly as well as popular with business folk and the younger set, a Jumping Bean Cafe is the centre of whatever community it finds itself in.

Our Market

Coffee roasting and distribution is a market with intense competition, mostly ruled by multinational corporations. What sets Jumping Bean apart from the Starbucks and Tim Hortons of the world is our focus on social and environmental sustainability as well as our focus on people.

Jumping Bean Coffee Jumping Bean's signature ECO2 roasts (from East Coast to Lighthouse to Deep Water Dark to Screech Rum flavoured, and more) are on shelves throughout Atlantic Canada by Sobeys, Costco, Pipers, and numerous independent retailers. Canada-wide, Jumping Bean appeared on the shelves of Target.

Our newest products include a range of our most popular roasts in Keurig compatible single-serve coffee pods that will soon be 100% compostable. Yes, that's right. 100%. Even our most convenient product is socially responsible.

Jumping Bean although founded in the East is poised for national growth. We have a diverse product line, ties to retail with regional and national grocery and furthermore a complimentary tea brand for further reach to our customer base.

Our Opportunity

Jumping Bean Coffee Franchise Jumping Bean has seen rapid expansion in the last few years. From national interest to brand new products such as our biodegradable single serve coffee pods, Jumping Bean is a company poised for massive penetration into the national and international markets.

The opportunity for multi-unit market penetration and a focus on social responsible living provides a unique opportunity for the right individual/investor.

Our Benefits

  • With Eco2Roast – save1lb of carbon per 1lb of coffee
  • A diverse great tasting gourmet product line
  • Strong sub branded tea program allowing flexibility for cross branding
  • Comprehensive training program
  • Creative and Knowledgeable support/field staff
  • Site selection and lease negotiation
  • Great tasting, freshly prepared food (fully cost controlled)
  • Upbeat, urban, modern branding

Join Our Team

Jumping Bean Coffee Company If you are the sort of person who not only loves coffee but who also believes that community values, social ideals (such as environmental sustainability), and financial opportunity are not mutually exclusive, then this opportunity is for you. We are seeking passionate individuals who want to create a better world one cup, and one customer, at a time. We can provide the beans and the know-how, and you will provide the leadership and passion and team that will form the centre of your own community. Jumping Bean was founded on the idea of doing better. We need your help stretching that goal into the future.