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Loaded Pierogi

Initial Franchise Fee$25,000
Number of units 6
Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000
Franchising Since2014
Royalty Fee5% Adv: 2%

Loaded Pierogi is a first-to-market concept, combining tradition and innovation, that is quickly expanding across Canada.  We were established in 2014 by two classically-trained chefs with over 50 years food service experience and a strong understanding of operations and what it takes to be successful.  Our brand capitalizes on the most important aspects of running a restaurant: low food costs, streamlined operations, impressive margins, and minimal labour costs.  Each plate begins with traditional style pierogi, and then the fun begins.  Customers get an endless choice of toppings like pulled pork, avocado, wild mushrooms, and butter chicken.  Next, they can “Get Loaded” with their own combinations, allowing for complete customization and higher customer spend.

For as low as $275,000 turn-key, Loaded Pierogi has three concepts to choose from.  Our full-service 20-45 seat Restaurant/Bar model offers customers the complete dine-in experience with a great selection of craft beers, premium vodkas, cocktails and wine.   For even lower labour cost and faster operations, we offer a Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) model with up to 20 seats, designed for take-out, a quick bite, and limited drinks (liquor license optional).  Our third available model is Food Court, where we have redesigned our menu and food preparation for very high-volume and fast-paced service.  Our team has over 30 years of lease and rental negotiation experience to help you find the best location for whichever model you choose.

Why Loaded?

  • Minimal food cost
  • Simple operations
  • Large gross margins
  • Minimal inventory
  • Comprehensive on-site training
  • Over 50 years food service experience behind you
  • 30 years of lease and rental negotiation experience
  • Low investment required

If you’re ready to be your own boss and take the step into the restaurant industry or are looking to build on your existing success in the business, then  it’s time to GET LOADED!

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