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Number of units 1
Investment Level $1,000,000+
Franchising Since 2013
Royalty Fee 5.5%

Unique Franchise Business Model

MY SALON Suite is the future of the salon industry. You provide an upscale beauty complex for salon professionals to operate their own salon without them having to invest capital, manage employees or deal with the challenges of a traditional salon. They become loyal long-term tenants.


MY SALON Suite is a true semi-absentee business, with no employees, very few moving parts, which only requires about one day per week to manage once built and leased. You are in the salon industry, but not in the salon business. This is a business-to-business model where you become a landlord to tenants in the health and beauty industry who own and run their own businesses. You need no experience in real estate or in the salon industry

The Salon Industry is taking Canada by Storm...

MY SALON Suite is the first in Canada with this unique salon suite concept. The salon suite concept is transforming the US salon industry with 800 salon suites open in the US. My SALON Suite is expecting to open over 50-70 locations in Canada over the next 5 years.


The explosive growth is based on the current dissatisfaction of beauty professionals who are financially gouged by the salon owners—typically giving away 50-60% of everything they earn. In MY SALON suite, beauty professionals only pay weekly rent, get to go into business for themselves and escape from salon drama. This produces the loyal and stable tenants that you want as a landlord. Beauty professionals make excellent tenants because of the relative recession-proof nature of the salon industry.

The MY SALON Suite Benefits

We help franchise owners successfully find, build, open and manage luxury salon suites for established, financially successful beauty service professionals who are dying to leave their current environment and go into business for themselves.

  • Spend approximately one day per week managing your location
  • Keep your day job while creating a passive income stream

Why a MY SALON Suite Franchise is Different


MY SALON Suite is a franchise model with few moving parts. You are essentially a landlord - you lease to health and beauty professionals, collect rent and manage your location.

Our model is a destination business that doesn’t depend on street-level traffic—the beauty professionals are your only customers because they already have financially successful businesses that they bring with them. The heavy lifting work for the franchisee is done before you open, and tapers significantly once you reach target occupancy. You don’t have to take the risk of leaving your day job to open a MY SALON Suite—a win for investors!

Are you ready to add on a new income stream?