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Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000

Love Hockey? Make It Your Business!

Student in TrainingConsidering North America's love for the sport of hockey, can you think of a more popular, enjoyable or interesting business to be in than hockey training?

Puckmasters has developed a truly unique concept - one that allows you to have fun while offering you the opportunity to get closer to your financial goals.

What is Puckmasters?

Puckmasters is the world's first and largest Hockey Training Center franchise. We are a year round hockey training center that focuses on building the local hockey players skills, and building their self confidence and enjoyment of the game. We do this through 5 main revenue streams: 1 on 1 hockey training (which makes us totally unique), Summer Hockey School, The World's Greatest Hockey Clinic, 3 on 3 leagues and contracts with local youth hockey associations.

So, what about the business of running a Puckmasters. Why shouldn't you do this on your own? Great question. Many answers. Lets start with the specific advantages we offer potential franchise owners.

What Specific Advantages Does Puckmasters Offer?

  • A Unique Concept
  • A Strong Management Team
  • Good Future Outlook
  • Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • Social Responsibility

What Does All This Mean To You?

What makes franchises so great? Most businesses fail. In fact, over 80% fail in the first five years and another 80% in the second five years. Why? Usually because of under capitalization, low profit margins, mismanagement and a lack of training, experience & marketing.

Franchises help guarantee your success. The success rate of franchises are up to six and a half times that of individually owned and operated business. Why? Because franchises overcome many of the challenges facing a new business including:

  • Training
  • Marketing Systems
  • Purchasing Power
  • A System of Success
  • An Entire Support System Dedicated to Helping You Succeed

So there you have it, our concept in a quick ten minute summary.

Now if what you've read makes sense, Click here to Request More Info, since it's never too late to:

Get out of the stands and into the game!


May 11, 2009

NHL Players Buying Canadian Franchise

(Port Coquitlam, BC)--- NHL Veteran Defenseman Jamie Heward has purchased the Puckmasters Hockey Training Center Franchise Rights for Regina, Saskatchewan, his hometown along with another NHL Veteran...
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