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Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000



About Us:

The Water Clinic is one of the largest and most recognized rural water purification companies in Canada. The Water Clinic has been in the water purification industry since 1983 and has a combined experience of over 100 years. We custom design and engineer the most advanced water purification systems for towns, villages, farms and acreages for the removal of iron, smell, bad taste, color, coliform bacteria, E-coli bacteria, hardness, sodium, sulphates, nitrates, arsenic, turbidity, manganese, trihalomethanes etc. We have two divisions in our company where Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are our retail division and British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada is our wholesale division.


The Industry:

Since 2001, we have been manufacturing our exclusive line of PUREAQUA self-serve bottled water vending systems. We are confident the PUREAQUA system will revolutionize the way bottled water is being sold and marketed worldwide. Due to the recent water quality concerns, the bottled water industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries throughout the world. Through our market research, we have realized enormous potential for water vending systems that produce and dispense reverse osmosis purified water into the 5 gallon/18.9 liter container. We have also realized that consumers are becoming very concerned with the quality and high cost of bottled water.


The Opportunity:

Please take the time to visit our website at and completely review the PureAqua business opportunity. Once you have reviewed this exceptional business opportunity, please contact us so we can answer any more questions you may have and how to proceed to the next step.



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