Number of units 5
Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000
Franchising Since 2016
Royalty Fee 7% Royalty - 2% Marketing

If you already have experience in running a business and have an investement level in the $100,000 - $200,000 range,this is the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Starting a company doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.  As a franchisee you’ll have everything you need for success right at your fingertips. By choosing to work with, you can take advantage of a remarkable opportunity to revolutionize the equipment rental industry.

  • Be your own boss
  • Invest in real assets
  • Take control of your financial future
  • Seize a unique franchise opportunity

Canada’s $4 billion equipment rental industry continues to grow.  With contractors and small business owners renting on a regular basis and needing convenience, it’s the perfect time to get started in equipment rental.

Who are the is quickly becoming known as Canada’s foremost go-to for high quality, fast, easy and reliable rental construction equipment.  As Canada’s only web-based equipment rental company offering better, faster, and cheaper solutions, we’re revolutionizing the industry.  Simple, online 24/7 booking and free delivery on all rentals helps us stand out from the crowd.  We’ve dared to do things differently, making renting equipment simple again.

What we do

Frustrated with jumping through hoops, high costs, and slow processes, Chris Clark founded with a simple vision. Straightforward online ordering that saves everyone  time and money while taking the stress and complexity out of the traditional rental process. Once was up and running,  he immediately saw that he had stumbled upon a concept that truly made people happy. Not only were people impressed with this innovative way of doing business, they wanted to be a part of it!

We service small to medium sized contractors that regularly rent equipment, as well as the residential market. Customers book and pay for rentals on our proprietary online website,  reducing overhead and streamlining the business process for our Franchisees. Together with our franchise owners, we make equipment rental easy and affordable, from coast to coast. With so many great territories available, now is the time to take your first steps with

What makes us Different?

Benefit from the investment that we’ve made on our website – your number one sales tool. Our web-based business is what sets us apart from the rest. Customers complete their entire rental transaction in a matter of minutes, allowing us to maximize their user experience while our Franchisees significantly reduce the need for administrative and counter staff.  Our  live equipment availability calendars allow contractors to plan their equipment needs around our  availability and gives us high utilization rates by increasing the number of back to back rentals. The site is designed to better web conversion rates for all of our franchise partners.

Make Your Move with!

Combine your existing business experience with to create a great business fit.Just Request Information and we’ll be in touch with you to talk about the next steps.


Q: Who is the ideal franchise candidate?

A: We’re looking for Franchisees that strive to improve the lives of their customers, have customer service at their core, and understand the importance of helping clients with their needs. You also require an excellent credit score to obtain optimal leasing/financing rates on rental equipment.  If you have management skills and basic construction equipment knowledge, we encourage you to contact our franchise team today.

Q: How large is a territory and is it exclusive?

A: Yes, territories are exclusive. Territories range by population of 150,000-300,000 people.

Q: What is the range of investment?

A: The range of investment will depend on a several factors, but a general guide is $125,000-$175,000.

Q: How long is the initial franchise term?

A: We offer a franchise term of 10 years with the option to resign.

Q: Should I do this alone or with a partner?

A: Our concept is most effective if you are a sole owner, Manager of your territory, and the “face” of their business. We award a manageable territory that can be run by a laptop.

Q: What is the expected time requirement?

A. The number of hours required is higher at the onset and later varies according to the efficiency and productivity of the franchise partner.  More hours are required in the busy season for 6 to 8 months per year when the weather is warm.

Q: Can I do this from home?

A: Initially, yes. You’ll start with a small commercial bay for equipement storage and maintenance, and, can move to a larger bay with at least one office as your business grows.

Q: Why is a franchise I would want to invest in?

A: has a modern and manageable investment model with many tangible assets, lower than normal depreciation rates, realistic tax deductions by working from home, and generous and exclusive territories that may acquire equity through goodwill.

Q: Do I need to have a physical location?

A: To start, you’ll only need a small commercial bay to store and service your equipment.  If you grow to two or more territories, we’d recommend a larger industrial shop for equipment, trucks, and trailers.

Q: Do I have to work in the business?

A: Our Franchise Partners must commit full time hours to running their business, including pick ups and deliveries. For multiple territories, you may hire a second or third driver as required.

Q: Can I attain multiple territories?

A: The more the better for you and We are looking for ambitious franchisees who can operate multiple territories and grow with us!

Q: What about training?

A: There are 2 weeks of hands-on training at our head office, plus ongoing support and training, and an annual convention. Our support team works with you right from the start and throughout the opening and ramp of phases of your business.

Q: Tell me about the Discovery Day.

A: At a Discovery Day, financially qualified franchise partners spend a day with our team at our head office in Calgary to meet the entire team. We guarantee that you will learn at least one thing that could change your life!