GetintheLoop Community Partnership Program


May 21, 2020

GetintheLoop Canada’s fastest growing mobile-offers platform, is pleased to announce the release of the Community Partnership Program with an alliance of business associations, Chambers of Commerce and municipalities, offering free access to this exciting platform.  The new partnership allows businesses to immediately update their open services and products to local consumers. Members opt-in to receive tailored local offers from top brands and businesses including restaurants and bars, spas and salons, retail outlets, and service providers, from coast to coast.

“This app will promote the […] business community by enabling our members to shop locally during these extremely challenging times where physical distancing is the norm. We are pleased to expand our support by giving […] Vaughan businesses access to GetintheLoop’s platform to help maintain business continuity and promote e-commerce.”

Brian Shifman, President & CEO of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Since its launch in 2016 GetintheLoop has focused on connecting local businesses and consumers through their shop local platform, bridging the gaps in traditional local media and mobile marketing.  GetintheLoop is experiencing rapid new market expansion with owner/operators through an innovative approach to franchising.

GetintheLoop’s mobile features include:

  • Dynamic offers: Products and services promoted via categories, maps, push notifications, and daily emails.
  • Local loops:? App identifies the current business offers and information and locates nearby merchants.
  • In app contesting:? Local users get access contesting from local businesses to win gift cards and specials to promote shopping local.
  • Measurable results:? Businesses receive analytics to know how many locals have seen and  engaged with their business, and taken advantage of offers.
  • Live feeds:? Partners receive a live feed of offers from local businesses to promote on their websites and apps, meaning increased exposure for local merchants.

“Bold decisive action from all levels of government combined with practical training, advice, and tools like this will be key to enabling future success for our business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

Trevor Lewington, CEO at Economic Development Lethbridge, AB

GetintheLoop CEO, Matt Crowell says, “I’m proud that our platform will help small businesses in communities all across Canada communicate critical information like if they’re open and how people can support them with the ability to create strong, measurable offer campaigns to drive commerce”.

Learn more about the GetintheLoop franchise here.