The Source Bulk Foods Founders - Meet Paul and Emma


Mar 25, 2021

Hi Canada. Wish we were there!

Our names are Paul and Emma, we live in Australia with our 4 young children. We are so happy to be in Canada to help as many families as we can achieve their goals - Better eating habits, Healthier lifestyles, nutritional meals or simply giving back to our planet, by eliminating plastic and waste from our world.

We feel strongly that Aussies and Canadians are very similar, unified by strong, wholesome values, morals, principles and ethics. This is ultimately what we and our brand stand for. We focus intently on finding store owners who resonate with our brand, but are also motivated, enthusiastic, and driven to succeed, while promoting the reasons The Source Bulk Foods was founded.

We have been extremely fortunate to find two wonderful families that will grow our brand in Canada. Michael and Kristine are based in Vancouver and Charles in Toronto. They will guide and support you toward fulfilling your dream of owning your own business.

Our market sector is not only increasing year over year in Canada, but we operate in an industry that is proven essential. You will be working in such a positive environment, building relationships with amazing people every day and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to own their own pantry?

2012 - Emma and I left our corporate jobs in Sydney to simplify and seek a better lifestyle in Byron Bay, a coastal yet rural town on the New South Wales north coast.

After buying a small health food business we adopted natural eating habits and realized the importance of feeding our children real food, healthy, natural ingredients.

This change along with the realization of the amount of packaging and food waste we were selling in our health food store, led to the creation of The Source Bulk Foods. We launched with confidence and the simple belief that unpackaged food should be easier to access and that a smaller carbon footprint can be achieved every time you shop.

We turned franchising up-side-down ‘down-under’. We built a franchise model that focuses on franchise partner profitability, performance and satisfaction. The strength of our brand relies on the strength of our stores.

The rest is history. If you’re interested you can find more online about us, our amazing journey, our awesome regional partners, store owners, and customers from – everywhere.

Through hard work and a dedicated team, we now have stores in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and now CANADA!!!! That’s 85 stores globally including Vancouver and Toronto stores. A clear measure of our success is that from 85 stores we have only 50 Franchise Partners, so multi store operations are definitely encouraged and supported.

Its fair to say that from a sleepy little town of 2,000 inhabitants in coastal Australia, we have become a leading retailer of specialized bulk foods in the world.