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Doug Leskun

Doug Leskun is the second generation to enter the family business. Growing up, he helped his father in the office on weekends and in the summers, learning the roots of the business. After high school, Doug worked in the construction and aviation industries, building a name for himself as a leader in those fields.

In his mid-twenties, Doug got the "Accounting Bug" and came on staff with his father as a full time employee. Working his way through university and raising a family of 3 boys with his wife, Melody, he learned the practicalities of life and business.

Because of his hard work and business ethics, Doug quickly stood out from other accountants and it earned him the nickname "The Blue Collar Accountant". His ability to relate to his clients through his own experiences gave him an advantage over other professionals.

He thrives on thinking outside the box, taking accounting and tax to a whole new level by breaking down the barriers between clients and their accountants!

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