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Rob Lancit

In 1995 Rob headed west and started a national video distribution company. While in Vancouver he was head- hunted to lead the franchise division of a new technology start-up. This led to his direct and active involvement with the IFA, and attendance at several US Trade Missions to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Italy.

During this period Rob worked with several top US Franchise systems, learning the ropes and discovering, as the only Canadian in these organizations, the pitfalls American franchise systems invariably stumbled into while attempting to develop Canadian versions of their US models.

In 2000 Rob launched CANAM with the express intention of assisting US franchisors expanding into the Canadian markets. As time went on, however, the business branched out to Canadian franchisors requiring assistance.

Then, in 2002 Rob perceived a need in the marketplace for a web portal geared towards franchising opportunities in Canada – BeTheBoss ( was the result. Soon thereafter he developed a franchise system with wife and partner, Elana, and became a franchisor.

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