• Investment Level
    $400,001 - $1,000,000
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Fast Food Franchises, Canadian Franchises, Food, Restaurant Franchises
  • Franchising Since
  • Royalty Fee
    3.5% (as of Oct.31)

A&W Franchise


History of the A&W Franchise

Since the first drive-in opened in Winnipeg in 1956, A&W has grown to become Canada’s fastest-growing burger quick-service franchise restaurant (QSR), with over 830 restaurants and over $900million in sales from coast to coast. With our iconic Burger Family®, famous onion rings, and A&W Root Beer® served in frosted mugs, A&W has been an icon in Canadian culture.


A&W Franchise Restaurant


Our Restaurants

Along with our more traditional freestanding drive thru restaurant concepts, A&W has a new brand Urban concept designed specifically for busy urban areas. Our typical Urban restaurants are located in densely populated areas with high pedestrian traffic and range from 1500 – 2000 square feet. Locations are now open in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, with aggressive growth plans for major metropolitan areas across the country.


A&W Restaurant


Our Food

At A&W, we’re on a journey to source simple, great-tasting ingredients, farmed with care. We’re proud to have high standards when it comes to our food and you can taste it in everything we serve. For us, great burgers come first. So it’s only natural that we’re the first and only national burger restaurant in Canada to serve beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids. We’re committed to offering Canadians burgers they can confidently enjoy, free of additives, fillers or preservatives — just 100% pure beef.

We only serve chicken that is raised without the use of antibiotics and fed a grain-based, vegetarian diet without animal by-products. We’re also proud to say that all of our chicken burgers and strips are made with seasoned, 100% chicken breast, without fillers. All of our breakfasts begin with freshly cracked Egg, made just the way you like them. They’re farmed right here in Canada, from hens fed a fully vegetarian diet without animal by-products. It’s all part of our Egg Guarantee.

Our ingredients guarantee ensures that Canadian’s can be confident that A&W food is good food that they can feel good about.


A&W Burger


Our Opportunities

There are limited opportunities to partner with Canada’s second largest and fastest growing QSB chain. With aggressive expansion plans in Ontario, Atlantic and Quebec, now is a great time to explore the opportunities we have on offer. A&W provides development and design assistance along with initial training, as well as ongoing operational, marketing, and promotional support.

For more information, simply complete the form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you.


A&W Franchise


A&W Franchise Introduction

February 11, 2017