Above Grade Level Logo
Number of units 5
Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000
Franchising Since 2013
Royalty Fee 7%

Above Grade Level provides in-home, 1-to-1, world class tutoring in math, English and more. Our expertly-developed, customized, proven curriculum is so effective that we 'guarantee' our students will improve by at least 1 grade level or 10%. A 2 to 3 grade level rise in less than 6 months is not uncommon. With over $1.5M invested in the development and optimization of our curriculum over the last 30 years, and with tens of thousands of student success stories to testify for its efficacy, new franchisees can have every confidence that their future students will soar with our tutoring programs.


There is no greater joy than transforming children’s lives, through better grades and elevated confidence. These rewards can be yours - daily.

Our honed and perfected operations, marketing, sales, tutor management, and proprietary curricula systems are the basis for the success of 63 operating franchise units across North America. As an Above Grade Level franchisee, you can join a winning team, with a proven model for success.

Live your dream! Be the boss & help kids in your community succeed!

With an Above Grade Level franchise, you can create a new life for yourself where you can:

  • Work from home,
  • Generate a great income &
  • Be your own boss

– while helping kids in your community soar with elevated grades and self confidence.

All of these benefits are yours, for a very reasonable investment compared with many other franchise concepts.

The tutoring market is exceptional - and now you can capitalize on it.

TutoringThatWorks.jpg The tutoring industry is remarkable and unique in many ways. You would be hard pressed to find a comparable industry with such an attractive investment profile. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The market has grown by 900% in the last 10 years. It is now 10x larger than just 10 years ago, according to Smart Money Magazine, a Wall Street Journal publication, published November 2011.

  • Market growth has been consistent for 50 years straight - and the industry has proven to be recession proof!
  • Growth is forecasted to continue to beyond 2025, as far out as current forecasts go.

The bottom line is that education is the most important aspect of any child’s development, and in an increasingly competitive, knowledge based world, parents are turning to tutoring in unprecedented numbers to give their children the best chance of success in life. In fact, in Canada, based on a survey by the Canadian Council of Learning, 33% of parents report hiring a tutor for their child. This % will continue to grow.

For this reason, this is an ever-green industry you can confidently bank on for your future success.

You’ll Get Above Grade Level’s Renowned Heartbeat System To Run Your Business.

Tutoring.jpg Our unique Heartbeat System will be the pulse that drives the success of your business. It includes:

  • A push button, turnkey marketing system that will consistently generate leads for you from both online & offline sources (PPC, SEO, banners, social media, newspapers, flyers, in-mall promotions, local networking & more).
  • A turnkey, expert-driven sales conversion system that allows you to turn these leads into new clients (who will renew again and again) with impressive efficiency. You will get exact word-for-word scripting.
  • A turnkey tutor management system, covers A to Z from recruitment, screening, hiring, evaluation, training, and operations management practices.
  • A turnkey, world class teaching system. Our multi-sensory curriculum caters to all students and rapidly improves students' grades and confidence levels.

Our HeartBeat Tracking System - an Internet based administration and guidance system that functions like a digital nervous system between you and Head Office. This system allows our Head Office team to provide recommendations on how to optimize your operating activities and business analytics, in real time, every day, like a world class coach, ready to provide helpful guidance, whenever the need arises. You’ll have a team with 350 years of combined experience in the education and tutoring industries to guide you every step of the way. You will never be alone.

To get you started, you will receive 2 weeks of comprehensive training, so your new territory can get off to a roaring start! You’ll emerge from your world class training with all the know-how and tools you need to launch and run your own thriving tutoring business!

Act now – before it's too late...

The Above Grade Level franchise concept has spread across North America in just 3 years. Inquire today to lock-in your preferred territory in Canada before it is gone! Enjoy the perks of running your own home based business, in the children's franchise category - and really make a difference in the lives of kids!