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Number of units 8
Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000
Franchising Since 2014
Royalty Fee N/A


Our Company

Bloomtools works with small to medium sized businesses to develop their website and online marketing initiatives. We offer website design, database marketing, SEO, social media marketing, CRM, and a variety of other tools designed to streamline our clients’ businesses. We employ web experts in fields such as design, web development, and support in order to provide the highest quality products in these areas. By investing in a talented team, we offer our clients innovative web tools and provide ongoing support as they build profitable businesses.

The Bloomtools System

Our Industry

The web development industry is one of the fastest growing in Canada. When the economy is booming, businesses use the Internet as a tool to communicate with their current customers. When the economy is down, businesses use the Internet as an inexpensive tool to acquire new customers. This means there is always be a high demand for websites and online marketing services.

Bloomtools offers an innovative toolbox that is simple to use, but offers a wealth of features, meaning that we are able to cater to all types of businesses seeking Internet marketing, whether they are looking for online marketing basics, or a comprehensive package that has hundreds of in-depth features.

Our Opportunity

Bloomtools provides an opportunity for franchisees to build their own website development and Internet marketing empire without requiring technical skills such as knowing how to build a website. We build the toolbox and provide all the basic foundations you need to get started. You focus on building your client base and serving customers. You can start small and grow, as Bloomtools business model is designed to be easily scalable as your client base expands.

Bloomtoops Website Development

Our Benefits

Below are 10 benefits of being in business with Bloomtools.

  1. Head Office builds all the technology, so franchisees are able to focus on their clients
  2. We sell high-quality, reliable products that exceed international standards
  3. All Bloomtools products are constantly updated and improved, so franchisees are always selling cutting-edge, innovative products
  4. Franchisees enjoy the independence of owning their business, while being supported by an extensive team at Bloomtools HQ
  5. Our franchisees receive ongoing residual income from all their clients throughout the year
  6. All our franchisees’ clients, projects and finances are managed on a single, streamlined business administration system
  7. Our business model is scalable, allowing franchisees to start small and then expand as they build their client base
  8. Franchisees learn from a variety of experts at Bloomtools, with ongoing training, seminars and workshops to expand their knowledgebase
  9. Franchisees receive extensive support from our team of technicians, project managers and designers, all of whom are invested in their success
  10. Bloomtools has a successful track record with a network of resellers worldwide
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If you’d like to join the Bloomtools team as a franchisee and begin building your web empire, simply fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you..