Cheap Smokes & Cigars Logo
Number of units 22
Investment Level $300,001 ~ $400,000
Franchising Since 2013
Royalty Fee 1.5%


We are actively expanding in BC and Saskatchewan

We are not looking to create new smokers, just treat the ones who have made a legal choice to do so with some respect.

The Company:

The Cheap Smokes and Cigars concept harkens back to a different time when people like Marylyn Monroe and the Rat Pack made smoking cool. Our retail franchise is inviting and welcoming with elegant decor, dark walnut wood, soft lighting, extraordinary cigar cases, and aesthetic glass display cases. We recreated a past age when smoking was chic. We pride ourselves on our high level of detail, and excellent customer service. Our customers have such a great experience with us that, and are so impressed with our selection, that they become our best source of advertising by referring us to their friends. Word of mouth remains an effective marketing tool, and best of all costs us nothing.


The Industry:

Smokers have been ridiculed for far too long. Retailers today sell cigarettes only as value-added product with no care given to the customer experience. Our retail franchise cares about these customers and this has led to us gaining a sizable market share with our first two locations. By treating smokers as valued clients, your store will retain loyalty indefinitely.

Due to our single-minded focus we have captured a huge market share of the existing customer base even though this market seems to be declining. In Olds, AB, a town with only 9,000 people, we generated over $1.4 million in sales in our first year. Now we have over 180 customers per day and we’re open seven days a week. In Airdrie, AB, a town with about 55,000 people, we have sales exceeding $2.4 million.


The Opportunity:

Our business is well suited to rural towns where there are few operating businesses. The last thing they need is another shoe store or video rental outlet. How many other franchises are out there generating $160K/month in such small towns? What franchise can you start with a consumable product that your customer will purchase daily? It’s a cash business and you will start making money in a few short months with a product that is sold to anyone over the age of majority.

The Cheap Smokes and Cigar concept works, and it’s a concept that can turn profits fast. And not only that, but at Cheap Smokes and Cigars you’ll get to know people
from all walks of life. We develop friendships with our clients
because we see them regularly.


The Benefits:

  • Low risk
  • Turn key business
  • Low Franchise fees
  • Low royalty fees
  • Proven start up record
  • Lots of locations available
  • Great training & support

For your opportunity to be a part of our growing business, and to bring a business that your town needs, contact Cheap Smokes and Cigars today for more info about our retail franchise opportunities.


Aug 7, 2014

Big News For Cheap Smokes & Cigars:

On Friday August 1st 2014, Cheap Smokes & Cigars franchise launched its fifth location in Fort McMurray Alberta. "It is our largest store in the chain and it was our best opening day launch ever",...
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