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Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000
Royalty Fee$0 (Distributorship)


Groundbreaking New Products Now Available in Canada

Our passion here at CleanTech Innovations is to bring the very latest in Cleaning and Disinfection products from around the world for distribution and sale here in Canada. We are continually searching for the absolute newest in leading edge technology that is more effective and safer than anything that currently exists in the marketplace today, real game changers and market disruptors!


Our Products

Currently, we offer Vital Oxide which is an amazing 7-in-1 solution for hospital grade disinfecting, mold and mildew killing and heavy-duty odour removal using our newest spray application technology. It kills 99.999% of bacteria and yet is safe on your skin and even food surfaces with no need to wipe off or rinse!



Next, we have our first in Canada HealthySole Plus which is the next step in lowering HAI’s and the spread of deadly organisms through disinfection of the soles of shoes and booties. It kills 99.9% of UVC exposed germs and pathogens in only 8 seconds without the use of harmful chemicals!



We also have our game changer SAM400 which is now the world’s best portable and powerful air disinfection unit that can offer whole room disinfection eradicating airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses a real game changer for hospitals, health care and 100's of more industries including compound pharmacies! It kills 99.9% of viruses and mold, removes airborne odour and yet it is surprisingly compact and portable.




Who Uses our Products

Our Sanitization and Disinfection Products are needed in so many industries including Hospitals, Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Marijuana Grow Operations, Food Processing/Storage, Restaurants, Hotels Gyms/Athletic Facilities and so much more!




A Proven Business Model

As a CleanTech Certified Distributor, you join a fast-growing, national team of proven professionals with a set out territory and the knowledge and materials you need to be an amazing success:

  • Extensive training and sales support
  • Comprehensive assessment of sales and marketing data for your territory
  • Proven sales winners already
  • Professional marketing support from manufacturers
  • Strong digital marketing program in development


Why Become a Certified Distributor?

The minimum geographic territory reflects a market of 10,000 population and higher. Hurry sales are going very quickly! Healthcare specific market sector distributorships are also available. Our distributor package is structured to offer you accessible entry into this opportunity. We can help with funding assistance if required.




  • There is limited risk and a low entry fee
  • Your initial investment generates an immediate return quickly
  • Market opportunities are limitless. Vital Oxide is already used in health clubs and gyms, public transportation, residential facilities, hotels and spas, schools, daycares and in the carpet cleaning industry
  • You also have access to CleanTech’s national and house accounts in your territory


Join the “CleanTech Team” and become our next success story!