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Number of units 240
Investment Level $500,001 ~ $1,000,000


Invented in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2005 by John Targett and Tim Wethey, Clip ‘n Climb is the international market leader of the fun climbing industry with 240 energy-filled facilities worldwide (and counting).

Testament to the company’s vision and enduring success, in early 2017, the company was completely acquired by Entre-Prises and integrated in its leisure range. Entre-Prises is also a subsidiary of ABEO, that ranks among the leading global players in the sports and leisure sector.

Main products and services

Clip ‘n Climb currently offers facility owners and investors more than 40 colourful and unique Challenges designed to appeal to everyone from four years old upwards.

The Challenges are categorized depending on the various materials, requisite tools, and different climbing techniques used. They have an average width of 5.9 feet (1.8 metres) and are available in four distinct heights. The company also guarantees a 100% safe experience with its BelayMate and TRUBLUE auto belay systems.

To add a brand-new dimension to the experience, early next year Clip ‘n Climb is due to launch a new cutting-edge software application and scoring system that will allow people across the world to compete with other Clip ‘n Climb climbers – no matter their location.

The Clip ‘n Climb model is not a franchise – We design , market and sell a tailored “Sportainment” product that we support with project management and installation skills , post-sale operational IP and on-going , global Clip ‘n Climb community support in the form of extranet and marketing.

The main areas of focus would be:

  • Owner/Operator stand-alone Clip ‘n climb centres ( the most common existing business model in Canada currently)
  • Adventure-zone Clip ‘n Climb – a Clip ‘n Climb installation into an existing business , most common in Trampoline parks and FEC’s ( Family entertainment centres)
  • Building/Property groups – Either leasing agents , Shopping mall operators , developers


To improve the climbing experience, challenges are created to stimulate several senses simultaneously. Visual impact is coupled with tactility – incorporating soft, rough, cold, plastic and even Velcro features to create a unique climbing experience. The challenges include several flagship models: “The Stairway to Heaven”, featuring a spiral climb, the “Twister which offers participants a 3D climbing experience, and the “Vertical Drop Slide” which gives climbers a free fall sensation. Outdoor facility owners can also benefit from Clip ‘n Climb’s concepts with six outdoor challenges now available.

Our values:

Clip ‘n Climb’s brand is built around the belief that ‘everybody can’ – from its customers who can conquer its challenges to its investors who can reap rewards from a fun, strong business. It’s brand values are centred around being fun, brave, free, optimistic, physical and thoughtful – these values run throughout the business.

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