Doctor Screen Rolls Across Canada with the Help of BeTheBoss


Nov 07, 2016

Doctor Screen, the screen repair franchise that provides savings and convenience to home and business owners, has just welcomed its eighth distributor this year. The new Calgary West franchisee is Brent Mielke, who connected with the franchiser through the informational portal This franchisee resource website is also responsible for bringing two other new distributors to Doctor Screen, this year alone.

Mielke says that the niche service Doctor Screen provides and its growth potential were the first things that stood out to him. He also wanted to be in business for himself but with a strong support network to help drive his success. The new franchisee has three children at home, and the distributor model was appealing because it provided the flexibility he needed to accommodate his children's schedules. Last but certainly not least, Mielke viewed the scree repair franchise as an opportunity in which he could recoup his initial investment in a short period of time without impacting his operational budget.

The Calgary West franchisee also discussed the support he's received from the franchiser's head office so far. Mielke cited founder Greg Woolvett as being incredibly helpful, offering the new franchisee the advice, information and support he needed to hit the ground running. The two still talk daily, says Mielke, and it's been invaluable for his new business.

Before signing with Doctor Screen, Mielke did plenty of research about both the industry and the franchise. He spoke to other distributors as well, so he knew what to expect in this role. Surprises, the new franchisee noted, aren't usually welcome in a new business, so he dedicated months of time to ensure his business would run well, and it's going very well so far.

While technical aptitude is clearly good for this franchise, Mielke also emphasized that people skills are probably the most important quality to have. Positive client experiences help drive good word of mouth, and Mielke believes this is crucial in growing the business. The West Calgary franchisee also spoke highly of his future in the business, saying the growth potential outlook in Calgary is quite good and the area is ideal for the business and the services they provide.

Doctor Screen still has many large market opportunities, including Montreal, Halifax and Winnipeg. Smaller centers in areas such as Sudbury, Windsor, London, Quebec City and Sault Ste. Marie are also available, with some starting at just $24,995.