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Number of units 4
Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000
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Royalty Fee $$1000 / Month

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Financial Freedom Now Canadian Franchisees

Financial Freedom Now is the debt elimination specialist. Debt levels in Canada are higher than ever and the average household carries over $70,000 of credit card debt which results in a minimum payment of over $2,100 month over 25 years. This is a crushing financial burden that few people can handle. The strategies we arm our franchisees with give them the tools they need to get families out of debt and back in control of their financial futures.

FFN has created a new opportunity and partnership with Ledgers Canada where we have exclusive rights to Ledgers offices throughout the country. This can be a great benefit to our Franchisee’s as this is a huge opportunity to gain instant clientele in your region. Ledgers Canada currently has 41 locations throughout Canada and its goal is to be at 71 by the end of 2014. There is likely a location in your area!

The Industry & Market

Our established model allows our franchisees to capitalize on this burgeoning new market of debt relief. A recent article revealed that 7 out of 10 Ontario families are unable to pay the minimum payment on their credit card debt, and as we indicated above, in some cases that debt can be as high as $70,000.

We help eliminate that debt, freeing up hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month of our clients hard earned money so they can get back on track towards financial freedom.

Time Tested Model

Our proven five pillars of success for our franchisees makes our financial services franchise outstanding:

Some of the advantages of owning an FFN franchise

Our 5 Pillars of Success.

  1. We book your appointments for you!
    We take care of lead generation, advertising, and appointment booking.
  2. Do what you love & what you are great at! Our system allows our partners to do what they do great and what we do best. You can leave the admin and office work to us.
  3. Spend your time earning revenue, not filing papers
    Our franchisees put 90% of their time toward income generating activities.
  4. Have a life & a successful business!
    With our financial services franchise you can take time off while the business continues to run. We encourage our partners to take time to themselves, because we all know what they say about all work and no play...
  5. Earn an Executive income
    Follow our model and you will earn executive level income. The model has been time tested, so we know that if you follow our lead you will have that golden level of success.

How does it work?

Financial Freedom Now Franchises in Canada

With our financial services franchise you get a protected territory. We do the advertising and bookings for you and you will only be set up with clients who are genuinely interested. We train you in everything you need to know, and you work from home setting your own hours. In as little as two weeks you will begin to see the money rolling in. Work hard at following our model and success is inevitable, but don’t forget to play hard too. Our goal is to have a network of happy and affluent franchisees growing our business. Contact us to find out more!

May 7, 2013

Financial Freedom Now Announces New Offering

Financial Freedom Now (FFN) is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive offer, available only to its next 3 on-board franchises. “This turn-key program will have our next 3 franchises coming out...
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