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Number of units 50
Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000
Franchising Since 2007
Royalty Fee $$1000/Month

Why Buy A Gotcha Covered Franchise?


At the core of the Gotcha Covered franchise opportunity lie compelling financial fundamentals. With low startup expenses and exceptionally high earnings potential the uniquely flexible lifestyle our franchisees enjoy is supported by a business where everything is custom made after collecting a significant deposit. This means there is no inventory to invest in and carry and no aging receivables or bad debt. Couple this with the unusually high transaction amounts and the low overhead of being home based and our franchisees are able to create extraordinary bottom lines within a surprisingly short period of time. Note: Although most of our franchisees remain home based, a number have used growing cash flow to move into showrooms with larger staffs.

The Gotcha Covered concept focuses on selling residential and commercial window fashions to the general public using our proprietary design software, Décor Creator. Our franchisees go into customers’ homes or offices and use a laptop to show the client a visual display of what virtually any window treatment will look like once applied, while pricing the treatment at the same time. This creates enormous advantages on many levels, from marketing to creating significant efficiencies unavailable to the competition.

Why a Window Covering Franchise

The next time you are out, look around and see the windows all around you - everyone has windows and almost every one needs window coverings. For privacy and light exposure, they are a necessity versus a luxury! Virtually every home is a potential customer for our products and services.

While the residential custom window treatment market is approximately $10 billion, we estimate that the commercial market is just as large! With our formal Commercial Program, you have two massive markets that you can target. This gives you an amazing flexibility in how you want to run your business.

The choice is completely up to you - how many businesses offer two serious B2B and B2C options like we do?

The Gotcha Covered Franchise Opportunity


Since we offer 'hard' window treatments (like blinds and shutters) from all the major vendors, we can compete against any other retail or home-based 'blind store.' We offer a 'good, better, best' line of hard treatments, so NO ONE has a price advantage on Gotcha Covered. But here's the magic - when we're up against other 'blind companies' that only offer hard treatments, we can match their rates on the hard stuff, but we can also provide soft treatments and become a one-stop shop for any customer!

Our business combines various right-brained and left-brained activities and appeals to both the 'creative' and 'logical' personality types. Both men and women (and couples) thrive equally in the Gotcha Covered system.

There is no prior experience required. We provide all the technical and design training needed to build a successful franchise, regardless of your background. In fact, the vast majority of our franchises joined our system with no design or window treatment experience whatsoever. Our top franchises come from a variety of backgrounds - teachers, stockbrokers, retail sales, account management, corporate environments, sales and marketing, flight attendants - the list goes on. We have learned that the desire and commitment to succeed is far more important than relevant experience. Our motto at Gotcha Covered is, "give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime." We've got a lot of people eating a lot of fish out there!

Gotcha Covered Franchise Benefits

  • Proprietary Design Software with Highly Efficient Pricing and Ordering Module
  • Low Overhead
  • High Average Margins (Over 50%)
  • High Average Transaction Amounts (Over $2,000)
  • High Appointment Closing Ratios (Up to 90+%)
  • High Customer Referral Rate (Up to 90+%)
  • Large Marketing Territories
  • Men and Woman Excel Equally
  • No Design Background Required
  • Extensive initial and ongoing training
  • Business launch campaign
  • Ongoing coaching and training
  • Toll-free support and email support
  • Exclusive “Gotcha Connected” Intranet site with extensive sales, marketing and training resources
  • Online forum with full franchisee access