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Number of units 365
Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000
Franchising Since 1979
Royalty Fee 5-7.5%
Housemaster Franchise Award

HouseMaster is the only Home Inspection Company to win the 2014 Franchisees’ Choice Designee, presented by the Canadian Franchise Association. We go above and beyond to support our franchisees, providing training, coaching, resources, and tools in all areas of the business! This award was specifically for overall existing franchisee satisfaction. Support is provided from our office in Toronto.

There are many home inspection companies, but only one Master. Like any true master, we are constantly honing our craft.

Housemaster Franchise Award

Most Experienced in the Industry:

HouseMaster has been franchising for 35 years, the longest in the industry, and we know exactly what it takes to get the entrepreneur minded person up and running.

Housemaster Training and Support:

While all franchise companies provide some training, HouseMaster’s home inspection business training programs are truly in a class of their own. We believe education is critical to customer satisfaction, quality of life, and business growth. HouseMaster is dedicated to providing superior training in all aspects of business operations for all franchisees and their staff.

Housemaster Marketing:

Housemaster Franchises in Canada

All franchise companies will say they know their business, but at HouseMaster, you don’t have too take our word for it. HouseMaster management and a growing number of HouseMaster franchisees are widely recognized as industry experts and spokespeople. Chances are that you have seen HouseMaster featured as experts in Property and Home Inspections on some of North America's leading television news or shows such as CNN or the Today Show.

We have strategic alliances in place to help you grow. Such as the Home Inspection Network and with Mortgage Alliance. These alliances can be a powerful tool to bring you referrals.

Keeping up with cutting edge technologies we embrace social media and cutting edge technologies. We have a dedicated staff member to support you with getting the most out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And, looking to the future, whatever comes next!

Housemaster Territories:

Our exclusive territories are 200% to 400% larger than most home inspection companies. With our experience we know exactly what size territory you need to be successful. Not to mention giving you the potential to grow! If you are not successful we are not successful.