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Number of units 260
Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000
Franchising Since 1999
InXpress Franchise logoApproved Canadian Franchisor

InXpress is a transportation consulting company that has been been in business since 1999 and have over 200 franchises operating in 15 countries, generating revenues of over $100 million.

InXpress provides unique shipping solutions and tremendous savings to the small and mid sized companies. World class carriers like DHL provide the transportation, while we provide the extra mile customer service and invoicing.

We provide multiple carrier options on a single invoice, with personalized customer service and savings that the carriers cannot provide.

The Opportunity

InXpress canadian shipping franchise
  • Low investment, low overhead.

  • No brick and mortar. You will not warehouse products, need equipment, need employees or a retail presence.

  • Carrier leverage. The carriers provide the pick-ups and deliveries, the infrastructure and brand recognition, while we do the customer service and invoicing.

  • Administrative support. All you have to focus on is sales and customer service.

  • Scalable. You can go it alone or hire sales reps to build a large business.

  • Canadian ground floor opportunity with a proven system.

  • Obtain massive reoccurring income. Work your heart out for a few years and you can create a huge passive residual income.

The Industry

Inxpress franchise in Canada

The transportation market in Canada is $154 billion dollar market, wherein a very small percentage of the market will make you a tremendous income and lifestyle. What sets InXpress apart from other franchise systems is the opportunity to put yourself in a position of freedom!

Contact us today for more information and we’ll be glad to tell you about our expansion opportunities.

Apr 1, 2015

InXpress Franchise - CEO, Dustin Hansen

Mr. Hansen is sole owner of the InXpress Atlanta franchise, the company’s first U.S. franchise and one of its largest franchises for the past eight years. With the success of his franchise, he...
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Sep 18, 2013

Ken BrockBank - Founder of InXpress

As a young business owner, Ken developed and ran a chain of health clubs in California and Texas. Along with a partner, Mr. BrockBank then built his own shipping Franchise group consisting of 12...
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Oct 2, 2013

InXpress Franchisee - Cathy Battreall

Cathy Battreall was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. She graduated from the University of Kentucky--College of Pharmacy and received both her undergraduate and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees. She...
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