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Jugo Juice Franchise

Initial Franchise Fee $25,000
Number of units 134
Investment Level $300,001 ~ $400,000
Franchising Since 2002
Royalty Fee 6%


Investment Level $150,000 - $300,000


The Jugo Juice story began in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta with the mission of bringing consumers a needed alternative to greasy fast food. With obesity a national problem, and the difficulty in finding time for fitness in our modern times, Jugo Juice saw smoothies as the solution we needed. Starting with smoothies, the menu has grown in response to customer feedback. We’ve added fresh-squeezed juice, grilled wraps, and paninis. The ingredients are always evolving as we educate customers on the benefits of healthy dietary habits.

While we were a private business at first, Jugo Juice now operates as a juice franchise. Jugo Juice is a lucrative business opportunity for our partners. With our turn-key model, Jugo Juice is set for high growth in shopping centers, office towers, street fronts, and transportation hubs.

Jugo Juice Franchise


Much has changed with Jugo Juice since opening its first location. The company established itself as a strong example of success in this growing market segment. We're committed to leading the way in sustainability and better lifestyle choices. We're an open book to our partners and customers. We're big dreamers at heart. We're always putting the customer first. We're leading the smoothie evolution and revolution of the health food trend.

Jugo Juice


We select only the best industry professionals to drive our juice franchise forward. Our in-house team manages everything; from start-up and to supporting daily operations. Their expertise is something you can count on.


  • A proven business strategy
  • Name recognition
  • Pre-established supply lines
  • Training program
  • Operations policies and procedure in place
  • A built-in support system


Jugo Juice is proud to boast of its excellent nationwide team of franchise owners. If you are passionate about inspiring people, and seek a business that caters to the nutritional needs of consumers, you and Jugo Juice could be the perfect blend.


We’re sure you’ll love working with Jugo Juice. We are looking for franchisees who want to deliver a nutritious and delicious product. Our smoothies make people feel good about doing something beneficial for their healthy lifestyle. We need people with a passion for delivering an exceptional customer experience to everyone, every time. Running our juice franchise is simple. Just contact us today for more information and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.