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Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
Number of units 13
Investment Level $25,001 ~ $50,000
Franchising Since 2017
Royalty Fee 10%

Company / Industry

The Local Handyman Group started as 604Handyman, with a vision to professionalize the handyman industry in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. We quickly realized, with the demand from clients and potential franchisees, that this same need was in all markets across Canada, and as such, the Local Handyman Group was born. We launched 604Handyman initially and quickly sold out Southern Alberta as 403Handyman along with all of Regina as 306Handyman AND the entire London Ontario region as 519Handyman. Our main competition is what we call the "Craigslist handyman." Our industry needed to be insured, trusted, on-time and professional, so we did that! We can quickly grow our markets through a great blend of residential and commercial business plus stellar marketing tactics that drive leads, which the other handyman companies cannot duplicate. Think about it, a business with high repeat and referrals, supercharged by an online, social, print and gorilla marketing system.

Local Handyman Group Vehicle

The opportunity

The industry itself is enormous; over 10 million Canadians requiring help with their "honey-do lists." Our society is getting less and less handy. Houses are getting more complex/higher tech, and people outsource more and more to save time. We sit at the center of the "age in place revolution" that is beginning to occur due to an increasingly senior demographic. And this is the change that's coming in our residential market in the next ten years of baby-boomers aging, wealth transfer and aging in place. Our business is recession-resistant; people tend to fix things vs. buying new or travel less and spend more on their home in a recession, and that's precisely what we do! Our B to B is booming and has grown over the years from 25% of our business to 50% of our core business in 2020. We expect our B to B to continue to increase as we grow our regional accounts and our relationships with Property Managers, Strata companies, restaurants and retail, to name a few. That's what gets us excited every day—all of this in a highly unsophisticated industry with little competition.

Local Handyman Group Franchise Opportunity

The Benefits

1.  Low start-up costs:  No expensive build-outs…All you need is our branded van (which you can lease), our technology system, and our marketing tools, and you can launch. Our start-up range is between $25,000-$85,000

2.  Simply designed operations: We have a very low-cost operating model with few employees to manage. Our average costs are about $1500/mth (depending on how much you spend on marketing), so break-even is fast. Happens at around 30-40 jobs a month

These first two minimize your risk – low cost to get in and low cost to operate.

Local Handyman Group Franchise Benefits

3. REPEAT BIZ - Residential repeat 2.5x per year - $600-$700 per year for this customer. Why is this some awesome? – as your business matures, it gets easier and easier.

4. And our favourite part of the model...Two distinct markets – consumer and corporate – when we started our business, it was built entirely on servicing the consumer…Mrs. Jones who needed help with a drywall patch and bathroom faucet replacement, and we built a solid business based on this B to C (business to consumer). We began to WIN B to B (business to business) clients such as property managers, and franchise restaurant chains, Strata companies and realtors…and it was so easy to win their business because unlike our competition, we are insured, trusted and professional.  Now our more mature franchises, the B2B businesses, make up over 50% of all sales.  This is fundamental to our strategic plan, to build out our B to B client base, as they repeat more often, the Average Job Size is larger, and it will help you scale faster!. We expect that this will entail 70% of our entire business within the next two years.

Local Handyman Group Franchise

5. Lifestyle-Our standard operating hours are Monday to Friday 9-5, as we do not do emergency work and our clients, both businesses and homes want repairs done throughout the day. As a business owner, you work hard, but you have flexibility as to when you work hard, and you can arrange meetings or jobs around family and other commitments you might have. This is a fun industry as we help people with their problems, and it's a great feeling to help someone or take away their headaches!

6. Future add-ons and upsells-we work very hard to gain new customers, and we keep them coming back for more! Why not offer those customers more services? As an example, we are rolling out our Dryer Vent cleaning service called DRYERVAC. This is an excellent, high margin service that all of our current clients need, and the beauty is that a handyman client becomes a DRYERVAC client, and a DRYERVAC client becomes a handyman client.  This adds a ton of value to our Franchise Partners. We are continuously doing R&D on new, innovative services!

Local Handyman Group Franchise

There is no better time to join a growing mobile brand (no offices) and a recession-proof business with work that can be done maintaining standards required during challenging times. Our digital systems, schedules, work orders and invoices are easy and efficient for both our clients and Franchisees. Being in charge of your own future and growing an admired brand in your community right now is better than ever, especially when you partner with one of our brands across the country and join a high performing team of business people.

Local Handyman Group

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