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Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000
Franchising Since 2017
Royalty Fee 6% Adv: 2% F.Fee: $30K


Take advantage of a Franchise opportunity in an untapped market.
An innovative opportunity with a low investment, professional guidance and extraordinary yields!


Our goals are simple.  Help people get their clothing pressed and ironed in a healthy and environmentally friendly way and help our Franchisees to grow a strong and stable business that they will be proud of.

Almost 96% of North American Households own a laundry appliance and yet the majority of people don’t like to iron.  It’s a chore that most would pay to get done.  Maid4Ironing is mobile, home-based, straightforward and has endless residential and dry-cleaner contract opportunities for you to earn a great income.  Add to that, the fact that Maid4Ironing is ecologically friendly, utilizes state of the art technology to produce outstanding professional results and has virtually no competition and you’ve got a great franchise opportunity!



We have franchising opportunities available and have done all of the background work for you so that you can get started right away.  With Maid4Ironing, you can own your own company that offers a product that virtually everyone needs, with no real competition!



The van is key to the business.  Bright, spotlessly clean with attractive branding, this is more than just a van, this is a technological achievement.  People will spot you wherever you go.  The Maid4Irioning van has been in the works for years and we’ve spent countless hours to ensure that they can deliver the very best in pressing and ironing.

Our team spent many hours with the engineers at Mercedes Benz in Italy and Germany and the results speak for themselves.  We have a solar powered smart van, with innovative additions that make it truly unique and powerful.  All this ensures that our clients get the very best service possible, our planet stays as healthy as it can, and you get a great Franchise.



This franchise is a great opportunity for both men and women.  You can enjoy flexible hours to fit your lifestyle, be your own boss, enjoy a large repeat clientele or establish contracts with local dry-cleaners on which to build a stable business and take advantage of practically endless earning potential.   We’re with you all the way to get you up and running and guide you as you grow.  Your success is our success! 



We have created something that we are proud to stand behind and know you will, too.
If you’d like to find out more about this great opportunity with endless potential, Request Information on the right and we’ll be in touch!


Feb 26, 2019

Maid 4 Ironing - CEO, Carlos Costa Tell us about the Maid 4 Ironing concept. Carlos Costa: Nearly 96% of North American households own laundry appliances at home and almost everyone needs to iron / press / fold...
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