Maid 4 Ironing - CEO, Carlos Costa


Feb 26, 2019    Tell us about the Maid 4 Ironing concept.

Carlos Costa:     Nearly 96% of North American households own laundry appliances at home and almost everyone needs to iron / press / fold / hang / stack / refresh their clothes on a daily basis. However, this is one of the most hated chores for many people since it cannot be done quickly. It’s tedious work trying to keep your laundry up to date and organized!

We saw a business opportunity here and have developed a new & innovative concept which is going to revolutionize personal laundry services forever!

We also offer shoe and Leather garments care.     How and when did you become involved with Maid 4 Ironing?

Carlos Costa: 
2016 - Mobile Ironing Services across residential and commercial sectors.

2017 – Introduce Franchise concept - After launching the first van, we decided  to start franchising the company.

 On-demand mobile service saving time for consumers.     What was your background prior to joining Maid 4 Ironing?

Carlos Costa: 

President and CEO, Dental We Fix Inc. Canada, March 2013-2016

Master Canadian Franchisor – sold 20 franchises less then 3 years

President and CEO, Ice Down Beverages Inc. September 2001- January 2012

Manufacturer purified oxygenated  bottled water     What are some of the advantages in being a Maid 4 Ironing franchisee or Master Franchisee?

Carlos Costa:    A Franchisee has many advantages, low cost entry, constant guidance, able to work their own hours, freedom to set their own schedule by being their own boss.

A Master Franchise holder has the advantage of profit from franchises sold by them and running a whole province exclusive to them.     Who is your ideal Master Franchisee? 

Carlos Costa:     The ideal Master Franchisee is an individual that shares the same goals of growth within the industry.     Tell us a little about the industry.

Carlos Costa:     Laundry services is a huge market and almost everyone is a potential customer! Within North America alone there are over 579 million people and 200 million households – many of them facing a daily struggle with laundry chores and dry cleaning services, wasting precious time, money and energy. Maid 4 Ironing helps families and individuals solve these problems, making it an extremely helpful service for every household.     What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

Carlos Costa:     We’ve learned that there is an enormous need for our service, customers are amazed at the convenience and professionalism of our service.     What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Maid 4 Ironing Franchise or the Master Franchise rights? 

Carlos Costa:     Do your research we’re in an uncontested market space, be comfortable that you will be in an innovative industry.     In your opinion, why do you think that Maid 4 Ironing would be a great opportunity?

Carlos Costa:     We think Maid 4 Ironing is a great opportunity not only for becoming your own boss, but also for the freedom to run your own business with hours or days of your choice and huge income potential.

Maid 4 Ironing is currently seeking franchisees in many markets. To learn more about this exciting new franchise opportunity, visit them here at today.