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Number of units 1
Investment Level $500,001 ~ $1,000,000
Franchising Since 2012
Marilyn Monroe Cafe franchise
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Marilyn Monroe Café is the flagship location of MM Café Franchise Inc. a Canadian corporation.

Thanks to our international partnership with New York based Authentic Brands Group, MM Café Franchise Inc., is free to set up Marilyn Monroe Cafe franchises anywhere in the world.

Why Coffee?

Canadians drink 14 billion cups of coffee each year. It’s estimated that 64% of Canadians drink coffee each day, and 86% of adult coffee lovers enjoy a cup for breakfast. Not only that, coffee is the top beverage in the food service industry.

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What We Have To Offer:

At Marilyn Monroe Café, we are looking for people to grow our cafe franchise. Qualified candidates can earn either developer territories or single locations.

We provide our franchisees complete ongoing support. This includes use of the Marilyn Monroe brand name and trademarks. Franchisees complete our training program, and gain access to our operations system, and proprietary recipes. They also receive our brand standards specifications for furniture, fixtures, equipment, design, and leasehold improvements. Our supplier agreements keep procurement costs down and our strategic marketing and communications team will promote brand recognition and drive traffic to each of our cafe franchises.

We are looking for interested franchisees, so if you want to know more contact us today to request more info. We look forward to hearing from you.