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Investment Level $500,001 ~ $1,000,000

MEDIchair, North America’s largest and fastest growing Home Medical Equipment (HME) franchise company with locations from coast-to-coast in Canada, is proud to be “the home medical equipment specialists”. Did you know that Market for Home Medical Equipment in Canada is estimated to be in the $400-$600 million range annually? MEDIchair expects to lead this sector with approximately 90 franchises in Canada. It is not every day that you get an opportunity to play a role in the growth of a company that is destined to be the dominant player. MEDIchair is not just about product and service excellence or just about making a difference in the quality of life for our customers. The company provides Franchisees with buying power, product selection, site location, marketing, communications, training, professional knowledge and support, conferences and seminars. HME products are items that are necessary to facilitate independence and improve an individual’s ability to function outside the hospital environment. As a MEDIchair Franchisee, you will work primarily within five major product categories: bathroom safety, mobility, accessibility, aids to daily living (ADL), and soft/disposable goods. As HME providers, MEDIchair carries both rehabilitation and retail products. Rehab products are primarily those products sold or rented to customers because of a prescription or referral by healthcare professional. Retail products are often purchased directly by the end- users. They may, however, be assisted by a key influencer. As an example, a son or daughter may influence a parent to buy/use a cane or walker, or to purchase a bathtub clamp and install a raised toilet. MEDIchair has a growing demand for its products and services with a business model to support individual franchise success and company growth, and is looking for caring, committed franchisees with solid business principals and ethics to be a part of the leading HME franchise company in North America.

The MEDIchair quality statement As the home medical equipment specialists, MEDIchair has a passion for helping to change people’s lives. MEDIchair is committed to achieving its objectives by demonstrating continual improvement of its quality management system and effectiveness. MEDIchair’s franchising activities are continually reviewed to ensure compliance to regulations and ethical business practices. The MEDIchair vision statement MEDIchair creates wealth and supports operational excellence for its franchisees by providing visionary leadership, technology, caring and principled people, brand recognition, as well as leading-edge thinking, education and training. The MEDIchair mission statement To establish MEDIchair as the dominant brand by providing committed business people with a valuable opportunity to effectively service the growing and emerging needs of the healthcare market by providing industry leadership, effective systems and professional support aimed at improving the quality of life for MEDIchair’s customers.

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