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Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000
The Printing Industry - A World Of Potential Imagine a business, with every other business as your potential customer, and you just imagined our printing business. All businesses, large or small, from high tech to your neighborhood shops, all use printed matter in the daily operation of their business. We are sure that you can see the magnitude of the industry, and the wide market base we serve. As a Minuteman press owner, you will have a unique place in the printing industry, having the capability to serve virtually all the printing needs a business may be faced with. In addition, you will find our business to be a creative one: challenging and exciting, a business that will allow you to test all of your abilities and potential. You will own your business but be secure and have peace of mind knowing that we have the experience and are available to assist, educate, guide, and work with you on an ongoing basis in developing your business. Partners In Growth - You will find that Minuteman Press is a people oriented company; individuals concerned with our franchise owners. We provide the opportunity for you to develop a whole new way of life and an opportunity for many of you to take control of your future for the first time. It is an exciting time for Minuteman Press, and we hope that you take part in this stimulating and challenging franchise opportunity. By being a Minuteman Press franchise owner, you are part of an international network of store owners, as well as a part of a very unique and exciting franchise system. Since we started Minuteman Press in 1973, we have continuously worked on not only improving and refining our procedures, with items such as computerized pricing and management software, but also seeking out ways to better serve our franchise owners.