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myFRIES Franchise

Initial Franchise Fee$25,000
Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000
Franchising Since2018
Royalty Fee6% Royalty - 3% Mktg


myFRIES was started in Edmonton, 2012 with the desire to offer a healthy alternative to greasy French fries.  It's a fresh new concept that was a hit from the day we opened.  People came in expecting a typical fast food style restaurant but were surprised to find a clean, relaxed atmosphere where they can take a break from a hectic schedule. Some comments were " it doesn't smell like oil" or "I didn't expect this when I walked in".  Customers couldn't believe the taste and the fact that they could go back to work right away without feeling sick and heavy.

After 7 years, most of these customers are still regulars and we have built great relationships with them. This is what myFRIES is about, service, quality and value.

Our demographics are very broad.  We have young people craving a tasty poutine, women like to come because the fries are baked with fresh and healthy toppings, while value and quality bring in older people who are looking for healthier options.



The Opportunity:

myFRIES is unique in every way.  We're not a me-too or seen-somewhere-else concept.  It's the way we bake our fries in ovens.  They are pre-programmed so that you can focus on your customers.  Why look for another pizza, sandwich or wrap concept?  There are probably already a few on your block that you will have to compete with.  Our baked fries offer a healthy option for anyone craving their favorite fast food, French Fries!  All you need is 1000-1200 sq ft so your lease stays affordable.  With light venting, no suppression system, no air make-up*, this concept can fit pretty much anywhere - even, hospitals, malls, universities or airports.

* check your local requirements



The Benefits:

  • No greasy fryers offering greasy food
  • Low staffing requirements
  • We offer a superior product at great value!
  • Low initial start-up capital compared to other similar concepts
  • We are a family-owned business, not a faceless corporation
  • myFRIES is the only QSR that is dedicated gluten free **
  • Current menu also offering vegan, dairy free and vegetarian options
  • Easy to operate. No kitchen staff, no big expensive kitchen, no greasy floors!
  • Fast service. It takes less than 30 seconds to prepare and pack an order 
  • Well established with Skip-the-Dished and UBER Eats.
  • Full support of the Canadian Celiac Assoc. 

** in 2018

Be sure to check on social media to see what people say about us!  Since we are also a destination, a limited number of stores will be placed in each city.  Stop by and see for yourself!



Next Steps?

Do you have an outgoing positive personality and a love for food-service?  Then this is for you!  We are looking for Franchise Partners who are willing to go the extra mile to succeed, who will strive to learn and grow both professionally and personally for their business’s continued success.  If this sounds like you, get in touch with us now and don’t hesitate to get in on a franchise with incredible potential!