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Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000
 Orangetheory Franchise Opportunity in Canada

Orangetheory Fitness is a cutting edge fitness franchise and we’re expanding into Canada.

Orangetheory delivers a revolutionary 60-minute training program that can burn calories for up to 36 hours after you workout. We do this by using interval training and individual heart rate monitors basing the program on a concept called cardio after-burn. We’re currently looking for area developers and franchisees to grow our company.

The Future of Fitness

The Canadian fitness industry survived the recession and we’re expecting new growth. As big box gyms saturate every market, small studios with specific services thrive and Orangetheory Fitness is one such company. With low staff requirements, low overhead, and a strong recurring revenue stream, we remain competitive as a fitness franchise. As Canadians become more health conscious and battle unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles, they are starting to prioritize fitness and healthy living. The ongoing challenge lies in developing new fitness programs that are effective, fun, and dynamic. Orangetheaory Fitness is just the thing to answer this rising need.

Orangetheory operates as a fitness franchise focusing on owner-operated locations. This is the perfect time to get on board with the fitness revolution. In the US, Orangetheory experienced rapid franchise growth with eleven Area Developers, and the recent sale of our 50th franchise location.

Be a Part of Orangetheory

Orangetheory needs enthusiastic franchisees to grow this revolutionary fitness franchise across Canada. Opening an Orangetheory can be a life changing experience. It will compliment your active lifestyle and give you unmatched satisfaction of having a transformative effect on your clients.

  • Experienced management team
  • Growing market opportunity
  • Customer friendly
  • Simple pricing model
  • Comprehensive support system
  • Expansion opportunities across Canada

Let’s Chat

We need franchisees who believe in fitness. If Orangetheory sounds like something you could get into, we should talk. Contact us for more information today!