Real Property Management
Real Property Management

Real Property Management

  • Investment Level
    $50,001 - $100,000
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    Property Management Franchises , Canadian Franchises, Franchises For Women, Home Improvement, Mompreneur, Property Management Franchises , Mobile Businesses, Real Estate
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Real Property Management Franchise

Investment Level: $53,000 - $100,000

Who is Real Property Management (RPM) Franchise?

Real Property Management (RPM) is the first property management franchise in Canada and part of an international brand. With over 300 offices in North America, and rapidly expanding across Canada, RPM streamlines the property management process for its franchisees, property owners and tenants alike.



What Real Property Management (RPM) Franchise Does

Property management is a lucrative industry once you have the tools to maximize returns and lessen the hassles of day-to-day business for everyone involved. RPM has zeroed in on the best practices to do just that,
and offer an opportunity for all entrepreneurs regardless
of their experience in the industry.



Why Real Property Management (RPM) Franchise?

RPM streamlines the rental property process, by offering the training and specialized software needed to minimize time and expenses for all parties. Franchisees can automate business practices and enjoy the ease of a consistent, proven model.



They can increase revenue and save time through

  • An SEO optimized online presence
  • Software that automates expense payments, tasks and appointments, and;
  • A complete database of property management documents, including leases, letters, forms and checklists.

Property owners can watch their investment grow while avoiding costly mistakes, and tenants gain a high level of service and convenience.



Isn't it time to #getREAL with your future?



Real Property Management Intro Video

May 5, 2017